Tactical Karambit Knife WITCH


Karambit knife WITCH is an author’s rethinking of the traditional Malay knife. This weapon has been known since ancient times in the Malay Archipelago. In translation, its name means “tiger’s claw” because the shape of the handle and blade resembles the claws of a predator. It is likely that the ancient people who invented the karambit tried to compensate for the lack of claws, so they created a knife that resembled a claw or tiger claw knife and developed a characteristic style of fencing with this blade. Over time, the claw came to embody all the martial arts styles of Indonesia.

There are other versions of the origin of the karambit knife, one of which suggests that it originated from a farming sickle. Metal was expensive in those times, and when sickles wore out from frequent sharpening, knives were made from what was left.

Tactical kerambit knife WITCH was designed as a contact knife for close self-defense. Due to its shape and blade, the WITCH is able to cause great damage to the opponent. The safety and enlarged ring makes sure to keep a good grip on your knife while the curved blade is great for deep cutting. Quite unique and cool design provides the ability to hold the knife with a straight and reverse grip and deliver effective strikes using any system of hand to hand combat.

Ukrainian military personnel is using the karambit in the combat zone to carry out tactical tasks. The design of the WITCH provides a quick and effective response to any threat due to its combat properties and convenient design.

Tactical knife WITCH features a full tang construction with a fixed blade made of sturdy stainless steel 1.4116 with a 57 HRC hardness. This combination provides an excellent durability and sharpness, making it easy to sharpen in the field without requiring any specialized tools. The handle is designed with textured ABS plastic scales that ensure a secure and slip-resistant grip, even when wearing gloves. These scales are attached with metal screws that can be adjusted as needed over time. The knife comes with a high-quality plastic sheath. The sheath features a steel removable clip that is compatible with both MOLLE and TEK LOK systems, giving you the flexibility to carry it in the way that best suits your needs. Additionally, the knife’s design ensures that the sheath will not create any unnecessary noise or interfere with your movement while running or walking.
Looking to buy a kerambit?  Consider our WITCH model, designed for self-defense in urban environments. This tactical knife is a reliable and effective steel weapon. Remember that we develop knives specifically for self-defense in case of a knife fighting in urban environments. And before we put them into production, we conduct tests and use them in sparring sessions.

According to Ukrainian law the knife is sharpened on one side only.

Specifications of the Tactical Karambit Knife WITCH:

kind: Full tang, Fixed blade
type: tactical
overall length: 8.27″ // 210 mm
blade length: 3.94″ // 100 mm
handle length: 4.33″ // 110 mm
blade material: stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15)
weight: 0.44 lbs ±0.02 lbs // 198 g ±10 g
hardness: 57 HRC
blade thickness: 0.19”±0.012” // 5 mm ±0.3 mm
finish blade: black polymer coating for non-glare
handle material: ABS plastic
handle fastener: screws
carry: sheath (included)
sheath material: black ABS plastic
carrying system: replacement steel MOLLE-compatible belt clip, TEK LOK-compatible holes