The kerambit knife “Witch”


The kerambit knife “Witch” is a creative interpretation of a traditional Malay knife. This weapon has been known in the Malay Archipelago since ancient times. The name of the knife is translated as a tiger’s claw and it is not surprising, because the shape of the grip and the blade resemble claws of a predator. Ancient people who invented a kerambit might have tried to compensate the lack of claws by humans, created such design and developed a distinctive style of fencing with this blade. Later a claw became an embodiment of all fighting styles of Indonesia.

There are other versions of origin of a kerambit knife, according to one of them it is believed to originate from an agricultural hook. Metal was expensive and when hooks wore out due to frequent sharpening, remnants were used for knives manufacturing.

It is important that a kerambit has become a useful utility knife for residents of the archipelago. Malays apply it in everyday life, on hunting, fishing and to protect their interests. In 70-80-th of the 20 century the Europeans became acquainted with this weapon and commended its effectiveness. The “Witch” refers to knives inspired by a classic kerambit, but adapted to the European hand fulfilling its mission.

What else do you need to know about the kerambit knife “Witch”

Due to excellent technical properties a kerambit was utilized by the police in the United States and security agencies in several other countries. It is worn as a complement to standard weapons. A kerambit is especially appreciated by agents working undercover. This blade has proved to be very effective for self-defence being completely legal.

Note: Our kerambits are provided with certificates on non-belonging to weapons issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The “Witch” due to its shape and sharpening can cause significant harm to enemy. A finger ring on the grip is oversized to maximise its close combat potential. It is purposely designed for both: direct and reverse grip.
According to Ukrainian law, the knife is sharpened on one side only.

Characteristics of the kerambit knife “Witch”

The blade of the “Witch” is made of high carbon steel. Concave bevels, polymer coating protecting from moisture, polyurethane pads, reliable plastic fastening along with convenient sheath make the kerambit knife “Witch” an excellent choice for sportive knife fighting enthusiasts and collectors.

Weight: 210 gr

Blade length: 110 mm

Handle length: 100 mm