Tactical Knife Yamato Premium

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The tactical knife Yamato Premium is designed by Blade Brothers Knives experts on basis of an Americanized Japanese Tanto knife.  From its Japanese ancestor this knife inherits ability to deliver front cuts while stabbing and severe chopping strokes. Sharpness of the cutting edge and well-defined sharpening angle are among main merits of this model. The tactical knife Yamato Premium will be useful for tourists and hunters and would certainly find its use in the city.

This model is designed for fans of Japanese culture and martial arts.

Features of the tactical knife Yamato Premium:

  • Austrian steel К110 features even better properties than metal from which Tanto daggers were made in the Middle Ages and during the Second World War;
  • the metal is resistant to oxidation;
  • non-slip handle is comfortable and ensures good grip;
  • hardening to 60 HRC provides the desired sturdiness of the cutting edge;

This model is a great solution for a reasonable price. Placing an order for the tactical knife Yamato Premium is very simple. Within 2-3 days you will receive a parcel and you will be pleasantly surprised with its quality.

Note: The knife Yamato Premium is classified as non-edged weapon. To each our product we attach an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

 The main characteristics of the tactical knife Yamato Premium

blade length: 142 mm.;

metal thickness: 5 mm.;

weight: 255 gr.;

stainless steel: К110;

hardening parameters: 60 HRC;

handle: 113;

the sheath and a clip are made of plastic.