Tactical Knife Vendetta Premium

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Tactical knives were originally designed for a wide range of military tasks. These blades are in service of paratroopers, sappers and intelligence as well as some special purpose units.  A tactical combat knife is a faithful assistant of a soldier.  Useful multifunctional blades have turned out to be in demand even in civil life.  They have been highly valued by survivors, tourists, fishermen and hunters.

A tactical knife Vendetta Premium is designed by craftsmen of Blade Brothers Knives.  The shape of the knife resembles a medieval Italian dagger, which was used by the Venetians to resolve conflicts.  The blade was designed for fencing technique with a significant number of stabbing blows.  The diamond-shaped point ensures excellent stabbing performance. The tactical knife Vendetta Premium is durable and reliable, the handle features anti-skip characteristics.

The model has a number of important advantages:

  • Steel K110 is an excellent solution. It is tough, but not fragile, so it will not be difficult to sharpen the blade. It is also protected from corrosion.
  • Metal hardened to 60 HRC features good characteristics.
  • The handle is made from polyurethane features toxic texture and non-slip construction.

To buy the tactical knife Vendetta Premium is an obvious decision. It is not difficult to place an order and the price is to your budget. Call our manager and the delivery service will dispatch a parcel with your blade to any part of the country.

Note: This model is classified as non-edged weapon and provided with official certificate of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

Technical features of the tactical knife Vendetta Premium

steel: K110;

thickness: 50 mm.;

weight: 155 gr.;

blade: 140 mm.;

overall length: 245 mm.;

grip: polyurethane, texture – toxic;

fasteners: riveting.

sheath: plastic;

belt attachment – bracket.