Tactical Knife Vendetta


Tactical knives were originally designed for military purposes. Such weapon was used by the troops of special forces of all countries in the world as well as paratroopers, reconnaissance and engineers. A tactical combat knife is a thing that a soldier always keeps close at hand. Comfortable and functional blades have quickly gained popularity even in civilian life. Hunters, anglers and tourists gladly apply “tactics”.

The tactical knife Vendetta is designed by Blade Brothers Knives. This knife features strong resemblance to medieval knives that were used by the Venetians to resolve conflicts. It is particularly designed for stabbing technique. The edge of the blade is diamond-shaped and features excellent stabbing performance. Generally, the knife is durable and functional. The handle fits perfectly the hand and does not slip.

Moreover, the model has a number of other important advantages:

  • High carbon steel is most preferable for knife manufacturing concerning price to quality ratio. It is hard enough, but it will not be difficult to sharpen edge.
  • The metal is hardened to 55 HRC, the blade retains excellent edge, it does not chop or bend.
  • Innovative polymer applied to metal provides long-term corrosion resistance.
  • The handle made of polyurethane, texture toxic features anti-skid properties.

To buy the tactical knife Vendetta is a right decision, especially when it is not difficult to do this and the price is quite reasonable. Place an order on our website or just call our manager. The delivery service will dispatch your order to any part of Ukraine.
According to Ukrainian law, the knife is sharpened on one side only.

Note: the knife is classified as non-edged weapon and provided with official certificate.

Technical features of the tactical knife Vendetta

steel: polymer coated high carbon steel;

metal thickness: 50 mm.;

weight: 205 gr.;

blade length: 143 mm.;

length of handle: 112 mm.;

handle: polyurethane, texture – toxic;

fasteners: riveting.

sheath: plastic;

belt attachment – bracket.