The tactical tanto knife Sakura Premium

танто нож сакура
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The Sakura Premium is a tactical knife designed by BBknives and inspired by the Japanese tanto dagger. The diamond blade construction proved to be effective in combat as an additional weapon of a samurai. A tanto was a popular tool for “coup de grace” and harakiri. Moreover, in Japan it was permitted even for ordinary people to carry such knives for self-defense. A small tanto could be worn also by women.

After the Second World War tanto became popular in different countries of Europe and the USA. That is where a traditional Japanese dagger was modified and adapted to the hand of Europeans. Since that time the blade features only one side sharpening and a peculiar bend of the blade. However, it is worth noting that tanto is both good: in traditional Japanese version and a modernized one.

The Tanto Sakura Premium is designed by BBknives masters especially for tourists, sportsmen and collectors. There is nothing more easier than to order and buy the Tanto Sakura Premium through our website. Call now and in a few days you will receive a parcel in any city of Ukraine.

The knife is provided with the official certificate on non-belonging to edged weapon.

Characteristics of the Tanto Knife “Sakura Premium”

The diamond shape blade construction provides strong cutting properties. The handle is comfortable and ensures a secure grip. It is made of stainless steel. Rivet fastening, Cordura sheath.

Weight: 250 gr.

Blade length: 163 mm.

Handle: 115 mm.

Steel: К110;