The tactical knife Stormtrooper Premium

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The tactical knife Stormtrooper Premium is designed by Blade Brothers Knives experts and athletes, it stems from the German military dagger used in the World War I.  This weapon was very popular in the conditions of trench warfare. Rifle bayonets proved to be too long for narrow dugouts and tunnels, where a knife appeared to be more useful.

In 1915 when military actions seemed to be in positional impasse and the armies finally settled in trenches, a huge number of such blades was in demand. The industry couldn’t cope with all orders. The daggers were made of any available materials. Military and household properties of this knife were highly appreciated by soldiers.

The tactical knife Stormtrooper Premium is not merely a copy of trench knives, it fits much better for use in everyday life. This blade will be useful for tourists, hunters and fishermen.

The tactical knife Stormtrooper Premium is provided with the certificate on non-belonging to melee weapon.

Characteristics of the tactical knife “Stormtrooper Premium”

The knife is made of high quality Austrian steel, resistant to corrosion. The handle fits perfectly the hand and does not slip. Cordura Sheath are specially designed for long-term use. Fastening with Molle system.

Steel: К110;

Weight: 300 gr.

Blade: 165 mm.

Handle: 110 mm.