Tactical Knife Navahero Premium

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Tactical knives are battle blades for civil needs. Blade Brothers Knives team designed them for hunters, anglers and tourists, for different sporting fans and active lifestyle enthusiasts to be able to use these premium tools.

The tactical knife Navahero Premium comes in a new version of the basic model Navahero. The blade features a design of the historical Spanish knife Navajo. Its specific form and curved cutting edge can be recognized from the first glance. Well-defined geometry at the edge along with a wide blade provides remarkable slashing and cutting strokes.

The model Navahero Premium features a number of advantages:

  • The blade is made of Austrian steel K110 and tempered to 60 HRC. The metal is resistant to corrosion and looks great. The steel has a sufficient degree of hardness, nevertheless, it is possible to restore the cutting edge even without special equipment.
  • The knife is suitable not only for outdoor trips, but also for urban use. Blade length is 143 mm., it is convenient for carrying it in sheath attached to the belt.
  • Navahero Premium features a fixed blade one-piece metal full tang construction. Such models will serve you longer than folding knives or models with a partial tang. The metal thickness enables intensive use of the knife.

Note: The model Navahero Premium is classified as non-edged weapons. You will be provided with official certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine with delivery of your order.

Navahero Premium is a reliable and practical tactical knife. To buy this knife is definately an excellent idea. It can win over practitioners of fencing technique where dominate slashing and chopping blows. We offer a simple ordering process, our phone number is available on the website. Call us and in three days you receive your parcel in any city of Ukraine.

Technical Characteristics of the Knife Navahero Premium

metal: Austrian steel grade К110;

thickness of the product: 5 mm.;

weight: 245 mm.;

blade length: 143 mm.;

handle: polyurethane, mount – riveting;

plastic sheath with a clip;