Tactical Knife Navahero


Tactical knives by Blade Brothers Knives are special forces soldiers on civil service. We designed them for hunters, fishermen, survivalists and active lifestyle enthusiasts to take advantage of high-quality military products.

The tactical knife Navahero can easily cope with most challenges that a tourist faces during a hiking tour. The tool features forms of a classic Spanish Navajo, as evidenced by a distinctive shape of the blade and cutting edge bending with specific bevels. The tactical knife Navahero ensures incredible cutting and slashing strokes. Optimum edge geometry and a wide blade provide superior result.

Features of the tactical knife Navahero

The model possesses a number of advantages:

  • Durability and efficiency. The blade is made from high carbon steel and tempered to 55 HRC. It is fairly sturdy, but at the same time is easy to sharpen even in field conditions. Such hardness enables easy cut of tough wood and canned food opening.
  • The blade is convenient not only for camping needs. Overall length is 24 cm, which allows using it even in the city.
  • All-metal fixed blade knives featuring full tang construction are much safer than folding ones or cutters with a partial tang. This tool can withstand high loads. 5 mm of steel thickness also contributes to it.

Note: The knife Navahero does not belong to melee weapons. It is delivered with an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

If you want to buy a reliable tactical knife of high-quality, opt for Navahero, it will appeal to all fans of chopping and cutting fencing techniques. To place an order you need contact our manager.

Technical features of the knife Navahero

handle length: 108 mm.;

metal: high carbon steel

metal thickness: 5 mm.;

weight: 245 mm.;

blade length: 143 mm.;

handle: polyurethane, riveted;

plastic sheath, mounting with a clip;