The tactical kerambit knife “Witch Premium”

ведьма премиум, тактический керамбит
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The “Witch” is a premium pattern of a tactical kerambit knife by Blade Brothers Knives. Such daggers were manufactured by the Malays; their shape features a strong resemblance to a claw of a tiger. Since ancient times kerambits have been known in the archipelago. Probably, primitive hunters used knives to compensate for the absence of own claws. In our time, a claw has become a symbol of Indonesian martial arts.

There is another legend according to which the kerambit originated from a sickle. Since metal was expensive, the knife was made when metal of a sickle appeared to had been already worn out. A kerambit became a part of the national costume and an assistant for every day.  It is used everywhere – at home, for fishing and hunting. At the end of the 20th century a kerambit was also appreciated by the Europeans, and Western counterparts of those blades emerged as a result.

The tactical knife “Witch Premium” is created after the Malay kerambits, but is adapted to fit the hand of a man from Europe. Such knives are in active military use by the police of the “States” as well as many security services around the world. A kerambit is especially appreciated by agents working undercover.

Note: The kerambit “Witch Premium” is provided with the certificate on non-belonging to weapons issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Characteristics of the kerambit knife “Witch”

The blade of the “Witch” is made of Austrian steel grade K110. It features also concave bevels and a handle with polyurethane pads.

Weight: 210 gr.

Blade: 110 mm.

Handle: 100 mm.