The tactical knife Flamberg Premium

нож тактика фламберг
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The tactical knife Flamberg Premium is an interpretation of the eponymously-named medieval sword. The blade of this weapon resembles a flame. These blades appeared in the 15th century to punch heavy armor. The Flambergs were considered a very dangerous weapon, they caused wide lacerated wounds with inflammation around it.  Moreover, the Flambergs were good in defense, they detained weapon of an enemy, because waves prevent slipping. At the same time they required more resources and skills of a gunsmith. Wavy blade is difficult to forge, wrong hardening could cause damage to weapon. To a combination of factors the Flambergs were used mostly by professional soldiers, guards and mercenaries who could afford such swords and skillfully use them. In our days the Flamberg is in service with the Swiss guard of the Vatican.

The tactical knife Flamberg Premium is designed for stabbing, it is distinguished by an exceptional punching ability and successfully pierces leather, felt and multi-layered dense fabric. The “flame” of the blade increases damage and makes this tactical knife worth of its historic ancestors. The tactical knife Flamberg Premium is an excellent choice for hunters, tourists and collectors of knives. High-quality corrosion-resistant Austrian steel adds much in its favor.

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Attention: The tactical knife Flamberg Premium does not belong to edged weapon, we include the expert`s statement issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine to each our product.

The performance characteristics of the tactical knife Flamberg Premium

Blade:143 mm.;

Handle:112 mm.;

Steel: К110;

Weight: 205 gr.;