Tactical Knife FLAMBERG


At first glance, the Flamberge tactical knife may seem quite unusual in the modern world. However, it would be a huge mistake to underestimate its capabilities and perceive it as a souvenir knife.

The Flamberge (from the German word “Flamme” meaning “flame”) is a blade with a wavy, flame-like shape, which was mounted on two-handed (less commonly one-handed or one-and-a-half-handed) swords. The Flamberge sword appeared in the 14th-15th centuries and was created to cause serious damage in battle by penetrating the improved knightly armor of the time. These swords were used by the Landsknechts and guards protecting popes and kings. Ceremonial two-handed swords with Flamberge blades still remain in the armory of the Swiss Guards of the Vatican to this day.

After carefully studying all the advantages of this blade shape, we have developed a tactical knife FLAMBERG, which is primarily designed for effective self-defense. The knife is characterized by strong penetrating properties when delivering thrusting strikes. Upon thrusting, it leaves a wide cut equal to the distance between the extreme points of opposite waves, which is 1.5-2 times wider than the width of the blade itself.

But moreover, the blade’s curves increase the effective length of the cutting edge and deliver devastating damage during dynamic cuts. This is because the protrusions of the cutting edge act as pressure concentrators, providing excellent chopping properties. These protruding parts of the waves touch the target first and easily penetrate dense surfaces. The backward motion of the FLAMBERG blade creates a sawing effect, cutting through the impacted surface, and moves along the path of least resistance, which is why a wavy-bladed knife almost never gets stuck.

Be very careful when using the FLAMBERG, and keep in mind that as the waves of the blade cut through material sequentially, they leave a wide, jagged cut with several parallel incisions inside. This means that wounds from the FLAMBERG take a long time to heal.

A handmade tactical knife with a wavy blade requires exceptional skills and high qualifications from knife makers. Additionally, specific requirements are imposed on the materials used to ensure the reliability and properties of the knife.

The FLAMBERG tactical knife is made of stainless steel 1.4116, hardened to 57 HRC, which provides an optimal balance between flexibility and hardness required for a blade of such shape. The cutting edge stays sharp for a long time and can be easily sharpened without special tools in the field.
The full-metal construction(full tang) of the tactical knife with a fixed blade provides reliability and durability. The handle’s carefully thought-out shape ensures a secure grip and stops the hand from moving towards the blade.
Textured scales prevent slippage even when the hand is wet, and the knife can be easily used even with gloves. The plastic sheath securely holds the blade and is attached with a steel clip that can be moved to the other side if necessary. The sheath is compatible with MOLLE and TEK LOK systems.

According to Ukrainian laws, the knife is sharpened only on one side.

Ukrainian military personnel uses FLAMBERG for cutting dense materials, ropes, and cords/ This blade is capable of piercing several layers of cardboard. It’s easy to chop firewood and slice food with it, making it suitable for campers, hunters, and rafting enthusiasts.

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Specifications of the Tactical Knife FLAMBERG:

kind: Full tang, Fixed blade
type: tactical, camping
overall length: 9.84″ // 250 mm
blade length: 5.20″ // 132 mm
handle length: 4.61″ // 117 mm
blade material: stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15)
weight: 0.31 lbs ±0.02 lbs // 139 g ±10 g
hardness: 57 HRC
blade thickness: 0.19”±0.012” // 5 mm ±0.3 mm
finish blade: black polymer coating for non-glare
handle material: ABS plastic
handle fastener: screws
carry: sheath (included)
sheath material: black ABS plastic
carrying system: replacement steel MOLLE-compatible belt clip, TEK LOK-compatible holes