Tactical Knife Fenrir Premium

нож фенрир
111 usd

The tactical blade Fenrir Premium is created by Blade Brothers Knives knifemakers featuring a design of a historical Scandinavian knife. It is really functional for equipping a campsite in the forest and is ideal for city carry as well. This blade would be useful while fishing, rafting or hunting.

The construction of the tactical knife Fenrir Premium guarantees excellent chopping properties.

The model features a number of benefits:

  • it is fixed blade one-piece construction which is much more reliable as a folding one;
  • Austrian steel К110 protects against corrosion;
  • hardening to 60 HRC provides the desired endurance and enables trouble free restoring of the blade;
  • the blade is securely retained with plastic sheath;
  • the handle features ‘toxic’ texture and does not slip.

The tactical knife Fenrir Premium has proved its premium qualities equally well in the woods and in the city. If you prefer knives of classic forms, this is an obvious choice.

Note: This blade is provided with the official certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior on non-belonging to edged weapon.

Buying a tactical knife Fenrir Premium is simple. Our ordering process is as easy as possible. Call us or fill in a contact form on the website.    Quick order fulfillment – you will not wait much time for your order to be carried out.  In 3-4 days you will receive your parcel in any post office of Ukraine.

Technical features of the knife Fenrir Premium:

blade length: 154 mm.;

metal thickness: 5 mm.;

weight: 260 gr.;

steel: К110;

hardness:  60 HRC;

handle: 108;

mount – a clip and plastic sheath.