The “Stormtrooper” tactical knife


The “Stormtrooper” is a tactical knife designed by the Blade Brothers Knives experts stemming from a German trench knife of the World War I. Such knives were extremely popular at the front. Suddenly it turned out that the bayonet is not enough good in narrow dugouts and shelter trenches. These conditions require a more compact, flexible and convenient weapon.

In 1915 this fact became obvious to all and the army began to make large orders for knives to equip soldiers. Official manufactures were unable to satisfy high demand and these knives were made on knees from captured bayonets and even broken swords. And it is not surprising, because a knife is definitely an irreplaceable tool during long-time sitting in a trench. Germany was the first country that appreciated convenience and practicality of trench knives and therefore was in the lead of their production volume throughout the war.

The “Stormtrooper” differs from classic trench blades, it is adapted also for domestic purposes, but not only for the war and, of course, it does not belong to edged weapon. The knife “Stormtrooper” is a tactical pattern that will benefit in woods, during hunting, fishing and tourist trips.

Each knife “Stormtrooper” is provided with the certificate on non-belonging to edged weapon.

The performance characteristics of the tactical knife “Stormtrooper”

Diamond shape construction guarantees good cutting properties and sufficient strength of the blade. Comfortable handle which ensures a reliable grip even when applied by strong hits. The metal is covered with polymer to protect from corrosion. Riveted, Molle system, Cordura sheath.

Weight: 300 gr.

Blade: 165 mm.

Handle: 110 mm.