STORMTROOPER is a tactical knife designed by the Blade Brothers Knives experts based on the popular German trench knife from World War I. Such knives were were widely used on the front lines, soldiers soon realized they were ineffective in the cramped quarters of trenches and transitions. A more compact, mobile, and convenient weapon was needed. Because it’s impossible to be in the trenches for a long time without a knife. In 1915, the army began placing large orders for knives to equip their soldiers. However,  manufactures were unable to satisfy high demand, and knives had to be made using trophy bayonets or even broken sabers.

In 1915 this fact became obvious to all and the army began to make large orders for knives to equip soldiers. Official manufactures were unable to satisfy high demand and these knives were made on knees from captured bayonets and even broken swords. And it is not surprising, because a knife is definitely an irreplaceable tool during long-time sitting in a trench. Germany led the way in the production of trench knives throughout the war, recognizing their convenience and practicality.

The knife was designed as a “fighting-utility knife” for utility use (clearing foliage, chopping branches for cover, opening ammunition crates, etc.) in addition to their original role as close-quarter combat weapons. The classic blade with one-and-a-half bevels delivers strong thrusting strikes and good cutting abilities. The wide part of the spine enables the knife to be used for batoning.

The special technical specifications, functionality, and design make the tactical knife STORMTROOPER extremely useful in military, rescue, and other extreme situations, as well as in everyday life for outdoor enthusiasts. The STORMTROOPER knife will be great for camping in the woods, hunting, fishing, and during hiking trips. A handy sheath attachment system allows you to carry it reliably and securely.

This knife was specially designed for Ukrainian military personnel to use it in combat conditions. Our STORMTROOPER has been serving alongside Ukrainian defenders since 2018. It has been tested in all possible combat conflicts, and the military choose it as the best Ukrainian tactical knife. After all, this tactical combat knife helps to solve a wide range of tasks: from camping chores (cooking, position arrangement) to tactical situations, including self-defense in close combat.

The STORMTROOPER is fixed blade knife, it is made of 1.4116 stainless steel, hardened to 57 HRC. This means that the knife can withstand high loads in extreme conditions. Hardening to a hardness of 57 HRC is the best hardness indicator for tactical knives that are intensively used, and such hardness allows to sharpen a knife without using special tools. The excellent cutting edge remains extremely sharp for a long time, withstands intense use without chips and cracks. And the full tang construction provides the knife with reliability and durability. Textured scales are fastened with screws that can be tightened independently if necessary.

Specifications of the Tactical Knife STORMTROOPER:

kind: Full tang, Fixed blade
type: tactical, combat, survival, bushcraft,camping
overall length: 10.90″ // 277 mm
blade length: 6.10″ // 155 mm
handle length: 4.53″ // 115 mm
blade material: stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15)
weight: 0.55 lbs ±0.02 lbs // 249 g ±10 g
hardness: 57 HRC
blade thickness: 0.19”±0.012” // 5 mm ±0.3 mm
finish blade: black polymer coating for non-glare
handle material: ABS plastic
handle fastener: screws
carry: sheath (included)
sheath material: cordura style nylon
carrying system: MOLLE compatible webbing and a belt loop

Thanks to the Ukrainian defenders for providing photos
The Ukrainian army uses knives made by BB Knives