Tactical Knife SCRAMASEAX


Scramaseax in Latin means  “knife for injuries”. Historically, this is a fairly large knife with a blade length of up to 50 cm, which was characteristic of Germanic peoples, in particular the Saxons, during the 8th-11th centuries.

When designing, we took a knife found in England, in Sittinburn, Kent. It belongs to the type of saex (knife) called “broken back”, which is characterized by a straight cutting edge and a sharp angled back.

Image source: British Museum

In general, the tactical knife SCRAMASEAX by BB Knives is interesting, atmospheric and quite logically fit into our line of national and historical knives.

Designing our own modern version of Scramasax, we tried to preserve the authentic shape and properties of the knife as much as possible.

Features of the Tactical Knife SCRAMASEAX by Blade Brothers Knives:

  • The full-tang fixed blade knife stays completely intact even after it’s put under a lot of pressure. The stainless steel 1.4116 ensures excellent cutting edge retention, remaining extremely sharp for a long time and withstanding intense use without chipping or cracking.
  • The effectiveness of the “knife for injuries” is provided by its special shape – the tactical knife SCRAMASEAX has a perfectly straight cutting edge and a spine that tapers sharply towards the tip, forming a point. This allows to cut using the full length of the cutting edge and gradually increasing pressure during the cut. All energy is directed to the point of contact regardless of where the cutting edge touches the material. Despite its quite aggressive design, the knife is capable of performing very precise and delicate cuts. It has good penetrating properties when thrusting.
  • The handle provides comfortable grip – the knife is very comfortable to hold for both cutting and chopping. The handle scales are attached on both sides of the blade with metal screws that can be tightened if needed over time.
    Textured ABS plastic scales prevent slippage even when the hand is wet, and the knife can be easily used even with gloves.
  • The reliable cordura sheath securely holds the blade and is compatible with the MOLLE system. The knife can be quickly drawn and is always ready for action.

The tactical knife SCRAMASEAX is a highly effective self-defense weapon as well as a versatile cutting tool. The knife has undergone combat testing in Ukraine and has proven its effectiveness in field conditions. The knife is perfect for military personnel, campers, fishermen, hunters – anyone who is familiar with setting up camps, positioning, and surviving in the wild.

The effectiveness of the shape of Scramaseax “broken back” has been proven over three centuries of use by Saxons, both as a close combat weapon and as a utility knife. The effectiveness of the tactical knife SCRAMASEAX designed by BB Knives has been battle proven through in combat situations in Ukraine since 2020. Keep this fact in your mind considering to buy a tactical knife by a Ukrainian manufacturer or not!

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Specifications of the Tactical Knife SCRAMASEAX:

kind: Full tang, Fixed blade
type: combat, hunting, survival, bushcraft, camping
overall length: 11.02″ // 280 mm
blade length: 5.71″ // 145 mm
handle length: 5.31″ // 135 mm
blade material: stainless steel 1.4116
weight: 0.54 lbs ±0.02 lbs // 245 g ±10 g
hardness: 57 HRC
blade thickness: 0.19”±0.012” // 5 mm ±0.3 mm
finish blade: black polymer coating for non-glare
handle material: ABS plastic
handle fastener: screws
carry: sheath (included)
sheath material: cordura style nylon
carrying system: MOLLE compatible webbing and a belt loop

Thanks to the Ukrainian defenders for providing photos

Ukraine army uses knives by BB Knives: