Scramaseax (Latin) – “Knife for injuries”. Historically, this is a fairly large knife, the length of the blade which reached 50 cm and which was characteristic of the Germanic peoples, including the Saxons in the period 8-11 centuries.
In general, the knife is interesting, atmospheric and quite logically fit into our line of national and historical knives.
While designing, we took a knife found in England, in Sittinburn, Kent. It belongs to the type of scramasax called “broken back”.
Designing our own modern version of Scramasax, we tried to preserve the authentic shape and properties of the knife.

ATTENTION! The knife comes with a cordura sheath! We can make a plastic sheath to order.

Steel: 65g, hardness 55 HRC, polymer coating.
Overall length: 274 mm
Blade length: 149 mm
The greatest width of a blade: 35 mm
Thickness: 5 mm
Weight: 260 g