The Nessmuk hunting knife

111 usd

The Nessmuk hunting knife is based on the knife of the famous journalist, traveler and bushcrafter George Washington Sears (1821-1890). Sears believed that in order to survive and settle down in the woods needed only a light double-sided ax, a folding knife and a small fixed knife. Sears drew this fixed knife in his notes, and based on his drawing, we made this knife.

To the shape of this blade, which has become a classic “Canadian” knife, we added a comfortable handle, made it a little bigger and chose a fairly wide concave descents, which have repeatedly proven their effectiveness on both meat and wood.
We also used German stainless steel 1.4116, which holds sharpening well and does not corrode. On the handle was placed a strong and dense mikarta, which together with the notches will not allow the knife to slip out of his hand.

Sheath – stitched leather with a double clasp.

Characteristic of a knife:
Steel: 1.4116, hardness 57 HRC, stonewash
Overall length: 263 mm
Blade length: 153 mm
Blade thickness: 4 mm
Weight: 210 g
Handle: mikarta
Sheath: leather