The tactical knife “Revenge small”


The tactical knife “Revenge small” is a slight version of the army subversive blade. The “Revenge” is a modern knife created by craftsmen and sportsmen of the Blade Brothers Knives, it is excellent for use in combat conditions. The edge is designed to cope with enemy`s outfit. The cutting edge provides an effective redistribution of impact. Such tactical knife easily pierces fur, felt, leather and fabrics of all kinds.

An important feature of this model is that it is balanced on the blade and is designed for serious damage. The triangular shape of the cutting edge ensures possibility to apply enough strong chopping blows. A prong at the top of the blade is designed to provide additional strength to a stroke. Such knives are indispensable in war conditions, however, have perfectly proved themselves even in urban environment. Moreover, they are perfect for tourists, fishermen and hunters.

Note: The blade “Revenge small” is provided with the certificate on non-belonging to weapons issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

The performance characteristics of the tactical knife “Revenge small”

The tactical knife “Revenge small” is covered with a special polymer to protect it from moisture. The handle features polyurethane pads. Cordura Sheath can be attached to the belt with a loop. In addition, we have implemented Molle system and riveting.

Weight: 188 gr.

Blade: 150 mm.;

Handle: 115 mm.;