The Hirdman knife is the result of the logical development of our EDC Jarl knife to the size of a tactical knife.

Hirdman is a warrior of the leader’s fighting squad in medieval Scandinavia. We made the same powerful and reliable knife.
A handle that is equally convenient for holding both the grip habitual for Ukrainian knife fighting technique and the usual “hammer” one.
Concave slopes that have long proven their ability to cut well; straight cutting edge, convenient for domestic work, and for dynamic cutting.
A lowered tip provides an excellent stabbing.

Steel: 65g
Hardness: 55
Butt Thickness: 5mm
Blade Length: 130 mm
Total length: 240mm
Blade Width: 32 mm
Weight: 210g

The polymer coating of the blade, the handle is polyurethane, a plastic case with a removable bracket, holes are compatible with tech lock.