The “Elf’s Promise” knife


The “Elf’s Promise” is a knife that is sophisticated and treacherous like everything that traces its origins to the Elves.

This model despite apparent simplicity can deliver heavy chopping blows. This effect is facilitated by concave cutting edge and long bevels of the blade. Basically, a tactical knife the “Elf’s Promise” looks concise, simple and refined.

It is not difficult to buy a tactical knife the “Elf’s Promise” from our on-line shop, call us and in a couple of days pick up your parcel in any city of the country. All our knives are provided with certificates that they do not relate to melee weapons.

Performance characteristics of a tactical knife the “Elf’s Promise”

The polymer coating protects against corrosion. Riveted, Cordura sheath. It can be attached to the belt with a loop and Molle system.

Weight: 290 g.

Blade: 153 mm.

Handle: 125 mm.