The idea of ​​this knife appeared while working on a modern project of the medieval sword Scramasax.
We took the general features of this sword and combined it with the motifs of the Worncliff type blade, and then added some futuristic elements in the style of cyberpunk.
As a result, we got a strong tactical knife, equally suitable for heavy domestic work, and for delicate cutting, and for self-defense.

To obtain an effective cut, we took the construction of a medieval short sword as a basis and added to it the angle of inclination of the blade towards the inside of the handle. Such a solution made it possible to achieve such a strong cut that the test model of the limb was simply cut in half.

When we filed the knife for the examination of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the presentation of the Cybertruck car by Ilona Mask took place. Honestly, this is a coincidence 🙂

Steel: 65G, hardened at 55HRC
Total length: 250mm
Blade Length: 128 mm
Blade Width: 40 mm
Blade thickness: 5mm
Weight: 290 g

The polymer coating of the blade, polyurethane lining, plastic cover.