Tactical Knives

Our knives stand for the streets
Our knives stand by those who fight in war
Stand with Ukraine, and with our knives defend what matters most

Blade Brothers Knives is a Ukrainian knife brand founded by Oleksandr Vorobey, a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, President of the Knife Fighting Federation of Ukraine and Founder of the Blade Brothers knife fighting club.

From the very beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Oleksandr Vorobey volunteered to join the fight against invading Russian troops. He participated in military combat operations and was badly wounded in July 2014. After recovery, Oleksandr Vorobey founded a knife manufacturing company. Since then he has developed new models of military combat knives based on  his experience.

In the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Oleksandr Vorobey defended Kharkiv as part of the volunteer platoon ‘Knifefighters’, which was made up of Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club athletes and combat veterans. Most instructors of the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation also joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the war, we tested our knives in the most extreme conditions under high loads, in any weather and environment, and made certain modifications so that the defenders of Ukraine could fully rely on the tactical knives from Blade Brothers Knives.

Premium-class stainless steel, the best handle material with improved texture for a reliable grip, attachment of handles with stainless steel screws that can be tightened if necessary, improved sheaths compatible with MOLLE and TEK LOK – all of these make BBKnives tactical knives an integral part of the military equipment of Ukrainian soldiers.

Our knives have been hardened in hellish battles and tested in combat operations. They are wielded by brave warriors across Ukraine, and commanders award their troops with our knives.
We are proud of this!

We constantly train the personnel of the Armed Forces, National Guard, and Security Service of Ukraine. Athletes and instructors of the Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club defend our country, teach and train their fellow soldiers in effective knife fighting techniques.
We are proud of this!

*Thank you to the Ukrainian military for providing the photos

What is a tactical knife?

Tactical knives, as the name suggests, are designed for military use and combine the best features of combat, rescue and urban knives. A tactical knife is typically used in situations that require quick and precise action. Its special technical characteristics, functionality, and design make it extremely useful in military, rescue, and other extreme situations, as well as in everyday life for outdoor enthusiasts.

Using a tactical knife in field conditions by Ukrainian army:

  • To perform tactical tasks such as cutting ropes, cleaning weapons, slicing ropes, wires, and removing obstacles when setting up positions.
  • For survival in extreme situations such as sharpening and preparing wooden stakes for a tent, building shelter, and cutting dry brush for a fire.
  • For food preparation, cutting food packaging, opening cans, and parcels.
  • For providing first aid by cutting clothing, medication packaging, and cutting bandages.
  • For self-defense in close combat. There have been cases on the eastern front where Ukrainian soldiers destroyed the enemy in hand-to-hand combat using knives.

Blade Brothers tactical knives are designed for active use in a variety of conditions and offer extremely durable and reliable construction and practical functionality. The most basic purpose of our tactical knife is as a weapon for self-defense.

Due to its versatility, it is a popular choice among Armed Forces of Ukraine. If a knife is used by Ukrainian combat troops, then you know it’s a solid and reliable blade.

*Thank you to the Ukrainian military for providing the photos

Tactical Knife in Civic

During training and creating his own unique knife fighting techniques, Oleksandr Vorobey designed the author’s models of knives based on the experience of training and practical use of the knife. From the very beginning, he set out to create the best self defense knives that would achieve the full potential of Blade Brothers Knife Fighting technique featuring its powerful chopping strikes.

Blade Brothers Knives’ tactical knives are designed as tools intended for use in extreme conditions. However, combat knives, such as daggers, also fall under the category of tactical knives.

Tactical knives are basically designed to perform hard and quick tasks. In most cases, tactical knives are used in military purposes, but it can also be used in civil life activities. It meets the needs of most users especially of hunters, adventure seekers, campers, etc.

The functionality of these blades has been appreciated even during peacetime. A tactical knife is a reliable assistant and faithful companion to those who lead an active lifestyle. BB Knives’ tactical knives meet the needs of most users – military personnel, police officers, rescuers, firefighters, drivers, hunters, fishermen, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The term ‘tactical knife’ was fist used in the mid 90’s to refer a particular knife type with certain characteristics. The features includes: not reflex able stainless steel fixed blade. Most of them are manufactured without a guard.

Key Features of BB Knives Tactical Knives:

  • reliability ensured by the construction (full-tang with a fixed blade) and high-quality steel
  • compactness
  • convenience of carrying and use
  • ability to perform heavy-duty work
  • practicality and versatility
  • insanely sharp blade
  • ability to quickly draw for use as a weapon

Benefits of the Best Combat Tactical Knives by Blade Brothers Knives:

Blade Brothers Knives – veteran owned company – produce the best handmade tactical knives. All our models designed  to meet operational requirements of military and duty-bound personnel. Blades by BBKnives are battle proved and field-tested. We know it for sure tactical knives by BBKnives are durable, lightweight, tactical, compact, able to withstand extreme conditions.

Blade.Tactical Blade Brothers knives are made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15) hardened to 57 HRC which is perfectly suited for making premium knives. You can trust stainless knives to perform well in even the most challenging environments. Due to its high strength and hardness, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This makes it an ideal material for knives that are used for heavy-duty applications.
All our models are fixed-blade. A fixed-blade tactical knife by BBKnives will never surprise you in use because it is a solid piece of steel anchored to the handle. For those who want a blade they really trust for tough jobs, such as field dressing and tough camping tasks, our fixed blade is the answer. Fixed blades are durable and hold up to the elements well because of their straight, simple construction without folding mechanisms. In fixed blade knives, the blade is one piece of metal that runs the length of the knife.

Comfortable Grip. We’re passionate about knives and knife fighting, and we understand from our own experience how tactical knives are used by Ukrainian soldiers in the field. That’s why we pay special attention to the handle – its shape and characteristics. The handle on every Blade Brothers tactical knife has been carefully designed for maximum comfort and functionality. The textured ABS plastic handle is secured to both sides of the blade with stainless steel screws that can be adjusted over time as needed. Plus, the handle features special holes at the end for attaching cord or paracord, and some models even include a glass breaker.

Durable Sheath. We take pride in providing a high-quality, reliable sheath for every one of our knives. Our sheaths are fitted to ensure a secure fit and can be attached in different positions for convenience. Each our knife have well-fitting sheath made of  ABS plastic or cordura style nylon  (depending on the model), each has been thoughtfully designed with an attachment system that keeps the knife firmly in place. The plastic sheath can be attached to a belt, features a removable steel clip, and eyelets that are compatible with TEK LOK. The nylon sheath, on the other hand, features a loop and MOLLE system for easy attachment. With a BB Knife and sheath, you’re always ready for action.

Knives of Steel for People of Steel. Our knives are more than just tools – they’re a symbol of strength and resilience. Crafted from the toughest materials and designed to perform under the most demanding conditions, our knives are the ultimate weapons for those who refuse to back down. With a BB Knife in hand, you become a force to be reckoned with – a person of steel who’s ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

Overview of the Best Tactical Knives of Stainless Steel

Take a close look at the selection of knives from the Ukrainian knife manufacturer, which come in various styles and traditions, and choose the tactical knife that best suits your preferences, grip, fencing technique, and hand-to-hand combat skills:

  • VENDETTA is mainly designed for stabbing, which is enabled by a sharp blade and a diamond section of the blade. It combines properties of the Middle Ages stiletto and a Fairbairn`s knife.
  • NAVAJERO is a knife inspired by the classic Spanish Navajo. It cuts and chops perfectly and a perfect edge geometry enables effective stabbing.
  • FENRIR is a “Scandi”, a highly functional all-purpose blade, which copes equally well with all tasks.
  • YAMATO is a knife with an American tanto blade type. Allows you to deliver strong chopping strokes and make wide frontal cuts when injecting. It will be very useful both in a hiking trip and in the city.
  • NESSMUK is our interpretation of the classic Canadian knife, which was designed based on the drawings of the famous traveler and bushcraftsman George Washington Sears (1821-1890). With this knife, Oleksandr Vorobey, the founder and developer of Blade Brothers Knives, stood in defense of Unbreakable Kharkiv from the first minutes of February 24, 2022, during the russian invasion.
  • STORMTROOPER is a knife based on a German trench knife from the First World War. The classic blade with a one-and-a-half tang delivers strong stabbing strokes, cuts well, and the wide part of the butt allows it to be used for “batoning” during heavy work.
  • The ELVEN PROMISE is a lightweight knife at first glance, but it is only at first glance – it can definitely deliver quite serious chopping strokes.
  • CIMMERIAN is a knife based on a Cimmerian dagger found in the Cherkasy region, Ukraine. The leaf-shaped blade, wide concave bevel and handle shape will allow you to appreciate all the advantages of the weapon of Ukrainian ancient invincible ancestors.
  • The kerambit knife WITCH is a creative interpretation of a traditional Malay knife, designed specifically for self-defense. The enlarged ring on the handle and the design features make it possible to hold the knife with a straight and reverse grip, using any hand-to-hand combat system.
  • SCRAMASEAX is a powerful tactical knife designed based on the medieval knife called “Scramaseax” or “knife for injuries”, the main purpose of which speaks for itself.
  • FLAMBERG is an unusual blade in the form of a flame will surprise you not only with its strong penetrating properties, but also with an unexpectedly strong dynamic cut.
  • SAKURA is a tactical tanto knife with a special handle shape and perfect cutting and penetrating characteristics.
  • HIRDMAN was inspired by the legendary World War II army knife HP-40 and the traditional Finnish knife puukko. It has concave blades that have long proven their ability to cut well, and the straight cutting edge is convenient for both household work and dynamic cutting. The handle is equally comfortable to hold with both the usual Ukrainian knife fighting technique grip and a traditional hammer grip.
  • CYBERSEAX – a unique tactical knife that combines the best properties of blade of a Scramaseax – “knife for injuries” and the utility of a Wharncliffe blade. The knife is equally suitable for heavy-duty camp work and delicate cutting.

What is the difference between a tactical and combat knife?

A tactical knife is designed by BB Knives both for military and general utility purposes and can be used in a variety of situations, such as for camping, hunting, survival, and everyday carry. Our tactical knives have features such as a sturdy blade, a comfortable grip, and a durable construction that can withstand tough conditions.

On the other hand, a combat knife is designed by BB Knives specifically for military personnel to use in trenches, in battle field and in combat situations. These knives are designed for better control in high-stress situations.

While both tactical and combat knives can have similar features and functions, the primary difference lies in their intended use. Tactical knives are designed for versatility and general utility, while combat knives are designed for specialized use in combat situations.

But all of our knives are primarily designed for self-defense, and any of them can be used as a weapon for self-protection in close knife fighting conflict.

Tactical Knives with a Fixed Blade

FIxed blade knives have several undeniable advantages over folding:

  • design is void of unreliable rivets and joints;
  • blade is securely fixed;
  • unable to jam when closing and opening;
  • do not break even under heavy work;
  • a fixed knife can be used even in mittens.

If you prefer hunting, fishing and an active hiking or rafting, you should consider a serious knife, that can withstand serious heavy-duty work.

If you want to invest in a sturdy, long-lasting tactical knife, the full tang fixed blade knife by Blade Brothers Knives is the best choice.

On BB Knives website you can easily buy a quality tactical handmade knife manufactured in Ukraine. Our ordering process is user-friendly, place an order or contact a manager.