Tactical knives

Tactical combat knives as the name states were designed for military application. Such blades were used by members of special units who conducted tactical, maneuvering actions in combat operations.  A good knife is needed for many activities such as rapid offensive, battle reconnaissance, carrying off a sentry, destruction of sniper position or an enemy sniper. This tool is useful for minefield clearance, cutting parachute lines, equipping shooting positions, equipping a camp, equipment fixing and even if you need just to open canned food.

Tactical knife for non-military application

Functionality of these blades is valued even in civil suits. Tactical knife is a reliable helper and a faithful companion for those who prefer active lifestyle.  Tactical knives combine the best qualities of combat, rescue and EDC knives.  It meets the needs of most users.

The best tactical knife for tourists, hunters and fishermen meets the following requirements:

  • Reliability;
  • compact design;
  • Convenience in carrying;
  • Reliable when put to hard use;

The best tactical knife will cope with most tasks.  This knife is made from high carbon steel and designed for daily work that takes place at a campsite, during hiking, hunting, fishing or rafting. It is always at hand and particulary designed for active use.
The term “tactical knife for tourism” is unusual for our country, but the sport world of Western countries (to which refer anglers, hunters and survivors) has already evaluated it as the most practical version of the oldest tool of humanity.  The tactical combat knife helps to survive and arrange life in the wilderness.

There is another positive point:  tactical knives created by the Ukrainian brand Blade Brothers Knives are not so large as army knives.  The average length is 240 mm. (if a blade is 140 mm.), it allows carrying a tactical knife even in the city.

Note: all models of knives are provided with non-edged weapon official certificate.

The advantages of the best combat tactical knives made of high carbon steel

Blades from BBKnives are designed by expert knife fighters who have participated in many tournaments.  These models were also designed for ATO fighters and they proved to be reliable companions of soldiers.  Unlike cutters that have never been in combat our products are field-tested and reviews on its performance are very positive.

Handmade tactical knives from high carbon steel feature a number of advantages over the products of eastern and western brands:

  1. Ukrainian hand-crafted knives surpass Chinese stuff. Even in workshop they are inspected at all stages of manufacturing process, that greatly reduces the possibility of quality defects.
  2. High-carbon steel is tempered to 55 HRC, which is considered the best indicator. Technical process of metal treatment and hardening is strictly controlled. The blade retains effectively edge, nevertheless, if needed, it can be resharpened even in the field.
  3. A series of combat tactical knives Premium is made of Austrian alloyed steel K110 hardened to 60 HRC, hard and durable.
  4. Due to the fact that we work in Ukraine, the cost of the blades is much lower in comparison to well-advertised Western companies. Featuring permanent high quality these knives however are affordable to every resident of our country.
  5. We work for people and we know that the tool should fit perfectly the hand, so we developed convenient handles with grooves on pads that prevent from slippage.
  6. The plastic sheath is fastened with lacing providing a reliable fixation.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service.  If you need to fix the blade, change the angle of sharpening or replace pads – we are always in touch, we work all over Ukraine and even outside it.  We have good service and process will not take long.

Overview of the best tactical knives from high carbon steel

On our site you can buy the best tactical knives, which design feature different cultural traditions:

Vendetta is mainly designed for stabbing, which is enabled by a sharp blade and a diamond section of the blade.  It combines properties of the Middle Ages stiletto and a Fairbairn`s knife.

Navahero is a knife inspired by the classic Spanish Navajo.  It cuts and chops perfectly and a perfect edge geometry enables effective stabbing.

Fenrir is a “Scandi”, a highly functional all-purpose blade, which copes equally well with all tasks.

Yamato is created on the basis of Japanese Tanto knives, of course, with a comfortable European grip. It allows applying of strong cutting strokes and wide frontal slashing.

Tactical knives with a fixed blade

FIxed blade knives have several undeniable advantages over folding:

  • design is void of unreliable rivets and joints;
  • blade is securely fixed;
  • unable to jam when closing and opening;
  • do not break even under heavy loads;
  • a fixed knife can be used even in mittens.

If you prefer hunting, fishing and an active hiking or rafting, you should consider a “serious” kind of a knife, that can withstand serious loads.  For example, tactical all-metal knives with a full tang construction made from high carbon steel

On BB Knives website you can easily buy a quality and inexpensive tactical hand made knife manufactured in Ukraine. Our ordering process is user-friendly, place an order or contact a manager and in a couple of days you can receive a parcel in any city of Ukraine.  Call without delay.