The EDC knife Skinner Premium

скиннер премиум

The knife Skinner Premium is a small EDC knife tailored for wearing on the neck. Such tools were used for butchering of animals on hunting. The Skinner is a typical assistant of a hunter, it is known for its broad single-edged blade. The length of the Skinners may vary depending on the intended use, namely, skins of different animals it is supposed to be used for, average length – 100 mm. The knife Skinner is included to the standard hunter`s kit.

Our version of this knife, The Skinner Premium, is designed for city carry, it feels great in the hand and ensures excellent cutting performance. It is suitable not only for hunting fans, but also for people who carry a knife in everyday life, as well as for tourists, kayakers and athletes engaged in knife fighting.

The knife Skinner Premium is provided with the official certificate issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, stating that this knife does not fall into a category edged weapon.

Characteristics of the urban EDC knife Skinner Premium

The Skinner Premium is a EDC knife and is characterized by a small size. It is made of Austrian steel grade K110, resistant to corrosion. Handle features paracord braid. The sheath is made of ABC plastic. This model is designed for everyday wear and household use.

Weight: 100 gr.

Blade length: 69 mm.

Handle: 66 mm.

Steel: К110;