EDC knife “Skinner”


The “Skinner” is a tiny knife that can be worn on a neck. Most often these knives were used for skin removal and butchering of animals on hunting. A typical representative of this type has a broad sharpened on one side blade. Its length can vary, but usually ranges from 50 to 150 mm. Such knives are traditional hunting equipment.

Due to its special design the skinning knife “Skinner” fits well your hand while concave bevels guarantee good cutting.  To opt for the knife “Skinner” is rational not only for hunters, but also for active lifestyle enthusiasts or an athlete fond of knife fighting.

Along with “Skinner” knives we provide an official certificate of examination by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on non-belonging to weapons.

Characteristics of the skinning knife “Skinner”

This knife belongs to urban models because of its compact size. The metal is covered with polymer to protect from corrosion. Paracord handle, ABC plastic sheath. The knife is designed for wearing on a neck.

Weight: 100 g.

Blade: 69 mm.

Handle: 66 mm.