EDC Knife Orkney Claw Premium

101 usd

The EDC knife is a reliable companion in all unexpected situations. The EDC knife is useful in the office and can help you in the dark streets of the city. This knife is a component of the EDC philosophy, which states that all necessary things should be always within reach.

The Orkney Claw Premium was designed by experts of knife fighting Blade Brothers Knives based on the designs of ritual blade from the tomb Maeshowe on Mainland Orkney Islands.  This fast, agile knife will definitely appeal to fans of Filipino fencing techniques and schools. It is designed for quick slashing strokes and high-speed fighting technique. Due to well-balanced construction and design the EDC knife Orkney Claw Premium enables reveal of all benefits of this kind of fencing. This model of the EDC knife has proved its excellent features and is highly appreciated by knife fighting sportsmen.

The blade by its construction features a strong resemblance to a cutting edge of an open razor. But definitely more comfortable and fitted for combat.

Features of the knife Orkney Claw Premium

If you’re selecting a EDC knife for active, fast-paced style of fencing, have a closer look at this blade. Besides already mentioned advantages, it introduces a number of other positive characteristics:

  • Austrian steel К110 is very hard, but at the same time makes it possible to sharpen a knife without any special equipment;
  • properly maintained hardening process has made the cutting edge strong and guarantees lasting edge retention properties;
  • compact size enables concealed carry;
  • the handle does not slip during operating;
  • the blade`s construction is designed for efficient performance and is tested in real-life situations;
  • steel resistant to corrosion;
  • the sheath ensures a reliable retention when walking and running.

To buy the city (EDC) knife Orkney Claw Premium is a right decision. Moreover, the price is affordable and to place an order is so simply. Call our manager now and within 3-4 days the delivery service will bring it to any city in Ukraine.

Note: The EDC knife is classified as non-edged weapon and is provided with an official certificate.

Technical characteristics of the EDC knife Orkney Сlaw Premium

blade length: 98 mm.;

material thickness: 5 mm.;

handle: 98 mm.;

steel: К110;

hardened to: 60 HRC;

plastic sheath;

pads: Micarta, toxic, fastened by riveting.