EDC knife Mr. Wick Premium


City EDC knife Mr. Wick Premium is as elegant and dangerous as the protagonist of the famous film.
To create a knife, comfortable to wear with a business suit, we did not sacrifice the length of the blade, but shortened the handle and gave it a specific form to strengthen the hold.
The shape of the blade is focused on the tips, but the bumps also guarantee good cuts.
The brushed Austrian steel K110 polished in a mirror harmoniously combines with exquisitely black mica pads, while the hardness of 60 HRC will ensure the sharpness of the knife for a long time.
Includes knife, sheath (ABC plastic) and gift box!

Characteristics of the urban EDC knife Mr. Wick Premium

Overall length: 185mm.;

Blade length 110mm.;

The width of the blade at the base: 30mm.;

Maximum width (thumb rise) 40mm.;

Weight: 115 g.