EDC Knife Reaper Premium

105 usd

EDC knives are compact knives for everyday carry in the city. Such a blade is be useful for both self-defense and daily household needs. EDS knife is a reliable helper of people who are fond of an active lifestyle. The EDC knife the Reaper Premium was designed by knife fighting expert Konstantin Ulyanov. The most important distinguishing feature of this model is the construction that enhances clinch fighting techniques.  A large sharp blade of the EDC knife the Reaper Premium allows delivering of powerful cutting strokes almost without a swing.

Moreover, the point is above the butt, which guarantees powerful stabbing strokes with the so-called “effect of a guillotine”.  The point of the Reaper Premium enables stabbing even dense fabric and leather.  This version of an EDC knife is the best option for practitioners of boxing and close combat fighting.

Peculiar features of the EDC knife Reaper Premium from Blade Brothers Knives:

  • premium quality of Austrian steel К110, metal is protected from corroison and oxidation;
  • strictly maintained tempering process facilitates lasting edge retention.
  • this model is convenient in carry and use;
  • anti-skid usable handle guarantees powerful strokes;
  • functional sheath.

Note: Every buyer of the EDC knife Reaper Premium is provided with an official non-edged weapon certificate issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

If you want to buy the best EDC knife for city carrying, opt for this model. This blade will not cost you a fortune, ordering process is easy to follow.    Place your order on the website or call our manager. Wnthin a week you will receive your order in any part of Ukraine. Call right now!

Technical Characteristics of the EDC Knife Reaper Premium

blade: 110 mm.;

thickness: 5 mm.;

weight: 195 g.;

handle length: 90 mm.;

steel: К110;

hardened to 60 HRC;

plastic sheath;

pads are secured by riveting.