EDC Knife Yarl Premium


Urban knives or better known as EDC knives are traditionally considered to be assistants that can be helpful in any situation. According to EDC philosophy it is always good to have necessary things at hand`s reach. The main feature of the EDC knife Jarl Premium is its multitasking. In other words, this blade more than any other model corresponds to the EDC philosophy.

The knife Jarl Premium was designed by experts of knife fighting Blade Brothers Knives and inspired by Scandinavian sagas and mythology. This blade inherits the best characteristics of the Finnish Puukko, reconnaissance cutter NC-40 and the famous Bowie. We have achieved results that exceed our expectations. Featuring modest size the city knife Jarl Premium nevertheless stabs efficiently dense fabric, it is equally good for slicing bread, shashlyk (cubes of meat for grilling) or wood.

This model has perfectly proved its value in active combat in the ATO. A significant number of these pieces has served the Motherland.

The blade Jarl Premium has stood the test of time and real life. It is one of the most well-reported knives.

The advantages of the model:

  • multifunctional use;
  • classic design;
  • corrosion resistant Austrian steel Grade К110;
  • The knife for city carry perfectly stabs and cuts;
  • It is not complicated to sharpen the blade.

Are you looking for a reliable city knife? Opt for this “Scandi” piece. The Jarl Premium is a simple solution for most problems. It not difficult to buy the EDC knife Jarl Premium. Call us and delivery service will dispatch it to your city.

Note: This knife is classified as non-edged weapon and you are provided with official certificate with your parcel.

Technical parameters

blade length 98 mm.;

handle length: 98 mm.;

steel thickness: 5 mm.;

weight: 130 g.;

metal: steel grade К110;

hardened to 60 HRC;

sheath: plastic, fixed with a clip.