EDC Knife Ira Domini Premium

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Urban (EDC) knives are blades for self-protection and everyday carry in everyday life.  Initials EDC stand for every day carry. With such knife you can cut pizza, open an envelope or protect yourself from attackers. The EDC knife Ira Domini Premium (Lat. Lord’s Anger) was designed by Blade Brothers Knives experts specially for city carrying. This is a convenient model from the experts of sports knife fighting.

EDC knives have a number of particular features:

  • compact size;
  • suitable for household use;
  • sufficient durability;
  • effective for self-defense;
  • convenient for regular use.

Ira Domini Premium is one of the best EDC hand-made knives. It is purposely designed to conform to specific knife fighting technique where rapid chopping strokes are used. The design of this blade was inspired by Celtic axe and ancient Greek Machaera, which served as prototypes. The “successor” of ancient ancestors, despite its practical compact size, produces remarkable results while testing.  The cutting edge of Ira Domini Premium causes severe cuts. This model was highly appreciated by fans of knife fight.

Additional advantages of this model

Except functionality the EDC knife Ira Domini Premium is enough reliable. The model features one piece of metal full tang construction.

This piece is handmade from Austrian steel K110.  A distinctive feature of the material is its resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Metal is hardened to 60 HRC.  Due to high quality steel and a strictly maintained tempering process, such blade does not blunt and perfectly retains edge.  A grooved polyurethane handle does not slip.

It is a right decision to buy the knife Ira Domini Premium. To place an order call the phone listed on the website, the process will take only few minutes and in a couple of days you will receive your order in any city of Ukraine.

Note: This knife is classified as non-edged weapon and is authorized for daily carry. We provide an official certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior with every piece of our products.

Technical characteristics of the EDC knife Ira Domini Premium

length of blade: 110 mm.;

thickness: 5 mm.,

handle 90 mm.;

weight: 155 g.;

Austrian steel Grade K110;

hardness: 60 HRC;

handle pads: polyurethane;

sheath: plastic;

scales fastening – riveting.