EDC Knife Ira Domini


An urban (EDC) knife is a practical blade for all-purpose regular use. Initials EDC stand for “every day carry”. It can slice bread, unfold a parcel, open an envelope and can protect from bullies from the streets. The EDC knife Ira Domini (Lat. Lord’s Anger) is designed for regular city carry by knifemakers and knife fighting experts Blade Brothers Knives.   It is a practical compact model, which has been highly valued by experts of knife fighting.

Knives for city carry possess a number of characteristics:

  • modest size;
  • universal application;
  • reliable;
  • effective self-defense;
  • comfortable in wear.

Features of the model

The EDC knife Ira Domini is a hand-crafted piece purposely designed by the club for more usefulness in “special” fighting techniques which focuses on strong chops. This model inherits a design of the ancient Celtic axe and ancient Greek sword Machaera. The “successor” of ancient ancestors, despite its compact size has shown incredible results while testing. The model Ira Domini has made its name due impressive performance of its cutting edge that leaves severe cuts.

In addition to high functionality Ira Domini is durable and reliable, features full tang all-metal construction.  The hand-crafted blade is made from high carbon steel and tempered to 55 HRC. Due to high quality material and strictly controlled hardening process, the blade doesn’t get dull and retains excellent sharpening. The handle is made of polyurethane, features toxic texture and non-slip construction.

To buy a knife for the city carry Ira Domini is a good option. To place your order, just call our Manager.

Note: With this product you receive a certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine where it is stated that this knife does not belong to melee weapon.

Technical characteristics of the EDC knife Ira Domini

blade length: 105 mm.;
steel thickness: 5 mm.,
handle length: 97 mm.;
weight: 215 g;
high carbon steel;
hardness: 55 HRC;
polymer coated for corrosion protection;
a handle: polyurethane;
sheath plastic;
scales are fastened by riveting.