EDC “Raven” Wharncliffe-type knives


Wharncliffe blades traditionally originate from the UK. According to legend in the nineteenth century the knife of this design was commissioned by the Lord who had the surname Wharncliffe.  He was characterized as a restless man fond of horseback riding and hiking. The blade of the Wharncliffe knife was purposely designed to help by pulling out a pebble stuck in a horseshoe, to cut simple food during a halt or a pole to cross the swamps.

The Wharncliffe knife “Raven” is perfect for household purposes. Excellent sharpening and comfortable, completely straight edge allows you to perform thin and fairly accurate motions: to open a package with correspondence, to sharpen a feather or a pencil.

These are the main features of the “Raven” Wharncliffe-type knives:

  • straight handle;
  • sufficiently thick spine;
  • the reverse side of a blade gradually descends to the edge.

A knife of such design is popular with rescue workers, divers and fishermen. It is believed that the straight blade of the Wharncliffe is indispensable while rescuing a human from seatbelts during an accident. It is also convenient for the holder if you have to work with one hand or cut things raised.  The Wharncliffe knife “Raven” has shown its exemplary performance on an airboat, in a camping trip and on a rescue raft.

Features of the Wharncliffe knife “Raven”

The “Raven” was designed by the Blade Brothers Knives athletes and knife fighting experts for all-purpose regular use in urban environment. It features a compact construction and user-friendly handle. Ergonomic shape of the Wharncliffe knife “Raven” influences desire to buy it without hesitation.  It is distinguished by excellent cutting properties and has proved to be praiseworthy during practical testing.

Note: The Wharncliffe knife “Raven” is provided with an official certificate on non-edged weapon issued by the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine.

Features of the Wharncliffe knife “Raven”

 The Wharncliffe “Raven” features a polymer coating, polyurethane pads fastened with rivets and ABC plastic sheath, which can be attached to the belt with a detachable clip.

Weight: 185 gr.

Blade: 90 mm.;

Handle: 108 mm.