The city EDC knife Mr.Wick

мистер вик, городской нож

The city EDC knife Mr.Wick is a stylish knife for gentlemen who prefer to wear a suit, but can’t bear to part with a knife. Wearing a suit imposes some restrictions: it is inconvenient to carry a full-size knife, that is why BBknives experts designed a special blade of 110 mm., with a handle of 85 mm. Our developers purposely sacrificed the length of a handle for compactness, but due to its special shape and a thumb rise the knife fits like a glove.

The urban EDC knife Mr.Wick is developed for stabbing, the tip featuring dagger shape is specially designed for a proper shot. The effect is facilitated by the descent bevels from the spine.

To buy the urban EDC knife Mr.Wick on our website is an excellent idea. It is perfect for everyday carry. The “Mr.Wick” is a perfect gift for people who prefer not to do without a knife in an urban environment.

Note: The knife is provided with the certificate on non-belonging to edged weapon.

Characteristics of the urban EDC knife Mr. Wick

Overall length: 185mm.;

Blade length 110mm.;

The width of the blade at the base: 30mm.;

Maximum width (thumb rise) 40mm.;

Weight: 115 g.