The city (EDC) knife Wharncliffe Raven Premium

ворон ворнклиф

The city (EDC) knife Wharncliffe Raven Premium originates from Britain. In the mid-nineteenth century Lord Wharncliffe purposely ordered to design such a knife to remove stones from hooves of a horse. By the way, this Lord was a good athlete, a hiker and a hunter. With the knife Wharncliffe it is easy to cut food during a halt or even a stick for walking on the hills.

The city EDC knife Raven Premium is perfect to cope with everyday tasks. Excellent sharpening along with a straight blade can handle everything from cutting packtread and envelopes to solid wood. A straight handle is very comfortable; the spine is pretty thick features a gradual descent of the cutting edge to the tip.

Wharncliffe knives are popular with rescue workers due to their exceptional cutting properties which help cope with straps and fasteners. Also they are convenient when working without a support and have proved to be helpful in extreme conditions.

The urban EDC knife Raven Premium is designed for wearing in the city. It is quite compact and ergonomic and it has shown excellent performance in practical tests.

Please note, the product is provided with the expert’s statement on nonconformity of the product to melee weapons.

Characteristics of the knife Raven Premium

The Wharncliffe Raven Premium is made of corrosion-resistant steel grade К110. It features polyurethane pads and fastened with rivets. The ABC plastic sheath is fixed with straps and a detachable clip.

Weight: 185 gr.

Blade length: 90 mm.

Handle: 108 mm.

Steel: К110;