EDC Knives

Urban or better known as EDC knives are popular tools for everyday carry. The initials EDC stand for every day carry.
Nowadays has developed philosophy associated with EDC. It is a “gentleman’s kit” of an urban inhabitant, which includes all necessary things: from a laptop and credit card to a lighter and knife. It is convenient when necessary things are within touch. A popular knife that can be used for package unpacking, bread cutting in the office or self-defense purpose has earned its significant place in this kit.

It all raises special requirements for this tool:
• compact size;
• usability;
• multifunctional use
• reliability;
• failure-free;
• possibility for concealed carry;
• ability to release it in a couple of seconds;
• the knife should be an effective tool for self-defense;
• compliance with applicable law.

Looking ahead, it is worth mentioning that all product displayed on our website meet these requirements to full extent. If you want to buy a high quality handcrafted EDC knife, you have already found what you were looking for.

Note: all models of knives are provided with non-edged weapon official certificate.

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In addition to functionality that is a must for urban use, there is a number of important aspects to consider:
First – material of high quality. Now the market is flooded with relatively unexpensive pieces from East Asia. But they lack advantages except the price and an attractive design. More often they cannot retain the edge, rust pretty quickly and chip. Why? – Due to cheap materials and lack of hardening. Such a piece will be suitable only for pencil sharpening and potatoes peeling. It won`t be able to withstand more or less heavy loads and soon it will fail.
The second aspect is a knife for a city should be comfortable for everyday carry. In other words, sheath and fasteners are required to retain it securely. You must agree how unpleasant it may feel to lose things in a public transport or walking in the park.
We have designed usable keen edges sheath with a clip. It can be attached to the belt and do not disturb while walking or running. Also there are special eyelets for additional fastening with a cord or paracord.
Moreover, we are launching a new production of wet-type sheath. It is even more convenient and practical. It is specially designed to ensure fast user’s reach to the knife providing a secure mounting at the same time.
Thirdly, all EDC models are developed by experts of knife fight, champions and prize-winners of many competitions. These knives feel great in your hand and are convenient to use. They feature an easy-grip handle that is rare for the so-called “civil” models. Blade shapes and sharpening angle are optimal for each model.
EDC knife will not fail, it’s ideal both for self defense and routine use.

Folding or urban (EDC) knife with a fixed blade?

Customers are often interested why we produce EDC knives with a fixed blade, as at first glance folding ones seem to be more convenient. We can agree, but only to some extent. We prefer fixed knives for several reasons:

1. Folding knife is vulnerable at connection points. Even high quality branded models can brake, get loose and being actively used become unusable.
2. It is known that a folding knife can jam in a crucial moment. Unsafe design can cause big trouble.
3. Folding EDC knife for daily carry is not suitable for use in gloves, so in winter you will need extra time to take off mittens, to extract the knife and open it.

Sometimes time is not only money, but also life.
We choose reliability and functionality, that is why we prefer full tang fixed knives made of one piece of steel with a full tang.

How to choose a concealed carry city knife

Popular EDC Knives from Blade Brothers Knives are made from domestic high carbon steel and are hardened to 55-58 HRC (standard models) or Austrian steel К110 hardened to 60 HRC (Premium models). These are significant characteristics not only for EDC but combat knives as well. You will never have a reason to question quality and reliability.
If you prefer burnished design take a look at standard concealed carry city knives, if you prefer classic bright steel, then it makes sense to consider a EDC knife from the premium series.
The blade shape is a custom choice of every fighter in accordance with his technique of fencing:
• If you prefer quick, cutting strokes order clinching knife the Reaper. This knife is suitable for those who are skilled in martial arts and close fight. It would work well in tight space.
Model Ira Domini allows you to apply strong, sweeping, chopping blows. It turns a mighty weapon in the right hands.
• Those who prefer both high-speed slashing and stabbing strokes should consider the Orkney Claw. If you apply reverse grip to the city knife it will feature a strong resemblance to karambit, but also ensures stabbing.
• Jarl is the most practical model, perfect for efficient use in daily life. In a conflict situation it allows to deliver powerful stabs cutting easily outerwear. Due to these properties it received the nickname “winter knife”.

In fact, a EDC knife is a multifunctional all-purpose tool not limited in use. It is all about your taste and preferred technique. These knives proved themselves as weapon suitable for self-defense in street conflicts and showed its beneficial qualities during combat activity in the ATO area.

Here you can choose a good everyday carry knife for concealed carry and self-defense. Blade Brothers Knives makes knives for practitioners who intend to use it every day, our products will serve you well for many years. It is easy to buy a EDC knife in our online store, you need only to place an order on the site and we will send it to any city in the world and Ukraine.