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The history of the brand Blade Brothers Knives begins in 2007 with the foundation of the Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club. During training and creating unique knife fighting techniques, Oleksandr Vorobey designed the author’s models of knives based on the experience of training and practical use of the knife. From the very beginning, he set out to create the best self defense knives that would achieve the full potential of Blade Brothers Knife Fighting technique featuring its powerful chopping strikes.

The very first knife we designed was the best EDC knife IRA DOMINI. In training the fighters required a knife whose shape and design would realize all the features of the Blade Brothers club fighting technique.

Thus, we know exactly what an EDC knife is. So, let’s define what EDC means on a knife

What Does EDC Stand For? EDC stands for “Every Day Carry.” Your everyday carry is the collection of items you carry with you in your pockets or your bag on a daily basis. The everyday carry philosophy is built upon the utility and preparedness. Each component of your EDC should serve a purpose or have at least one specific, useful function, the essential items you regularly keep on your person, no matter where you’re going. It’s the collection of personal items you never step outside of your home without. The exact gear varies from person to person and is often defined by one’s hobbies, occupation, and daily routine tasks. Common examples of everyday carry for most people include a cell phone, wallet, keys, flashlight and a knife.

Yes, we consider that a good quality knife should also be included. And the fact you are reading this article now confirms that you agree with us.

We created Ukrainian knife fighting decades ago and have been promoting the concept ever since. It’s no surprise that we mainly design our EDC knives for self-defense in urban environments. However, the primary purpose of any blade is to cut, and Blade Brothers’ everyday carry knives are designed to be versatile. We understand that you might need a cutting tool and not have one readily available during your average day. To avoid such a situation, we invite you to explore our collection of handmade EDC knives by Blade Brothers Knives.

The Main Features of EDC Knives by BB Knives:

  • full tang fixed blade
  • compact size
  • wicked-sharp edge
  • usability
  • reliability
  • failure-free
  • possibility for concealed carry
  • easy to access and use quickly
  • effective tool for self-defense

Choosing EDC knife it’s crucial to understand the factors to consider before purchasing one. While price and aesthetics are areas you need to be happy with, they’re not the most essential factors. Instead, you should focus on the blade, handle, size and weight, carrying system.

Let’s Help You to Invest in the Best Value EDC Knife by BB Knives:

  1. Blade. The blade is the usable part of a knife that’s why our focus should go first on it. Our handmade EDC knives are full tang fixed blade. When it goes about knife full tang indicates that the solid piece of metal that constitutes the blade runs down the handle as well. A full tang knife relies in its structure and strength on a solid, continuous piece of metal. A full tang knife stays completely intact even after it’s put under a lot of pressure.
    Fixed blades are durable because of their straight, simple construction without folding mechanisms. In fixed blade knives, the blade is one piece of metal that runs the length of the knife. A fixed-blade knife will never surprise you in use because it is a solid piece of steel anchored to the handle.
    For our knives we use high-quality stainless steel, hardened to 57 HRC, perfectly suited for making premium knives. Stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15) – a high-quality stainless steel produced in Germany. Chromium-molybdenum-vanadium alloy (X50CrMoV15) provides an excellent cutting edge that stays dangerously sharp for a long time.
    Due to such combination – full tang fixed blade and stainless steel – blade has excellent toughness, great edge retention, and a wicked-sharp edge.
  2. Handle. Our focus always is on quality and versatility but we also pay special attention to ergonomics and size. Handle material is important as well, as your grip on a knife directly affects how the knife performs. Blade Brothers EDC knives feel comfortable in your hand and will be easy to use based on its shape. Textured ABS plastic handle is fastened on each side of the tang with metallic screws. Also there are special eyelets for additional fastening with a cord or paracord. Our knife handles looks really simplistic but is surprisingly effective from an ergonomic standpoint.
  3. Reliable sheath. Each our knife have well-fitting sheath that can be attached in a variety of positions including the horizontal carry on the belt that can become a scout carry, it can be easily concealed. Our sheath provides secure carry, protection for the blade and handle. Replacement steel MOLLE-compatible belt clip and TEK LOK-compatible holes provide reliable carrying system. It is noiseless during walking or running. EDC knife by BB Knives always ready for action.
  4. Size and weight. We believe the most useful knife is the one you have with you. Our EDC knives are compact and light enough that you won’t feel inconvenienced carrying it every day, but large and robust enough to feel comfortable in your hand and effective while cutting. Be sure to check your local knife laws about restrictions on blade length as that may narrow down your options.
  5. BB Knives Background. EDC knives are developed by experts of knife fighting, champions and prize-winners of many competitions. These knives feel great in your hand and are convenient to use.

Our EDC knives perfectly suited for daily carry in a variety of blade shapes, styles and suitable for a range of different cutting tasks and preferred fighting technique.

Find Your Perfect Every Day Carry Knife in Our Great Range of EDC Knives:

  • If you prefer quick, cutting strokes clinching knife REAPER is for you. The knife is capable of causing terrible damage in a limited space and provides a stab at any angle.
  • IRA DOMINI (lat. Wrath of God) allows you to apply powerful slashing strokes. It is an efficient weapon for self-defense.
  • Those who prefer both high-speed slashing and stabbing strokes should consider ORKNEY CLAW.
  • JARL is one of the most useful and versatile tools you can have in your everyday carry kit.
  • Knife SGIAN-DUBH (pronounced ‘ski-en doo’) is our modern version of the traditional Scottish knife, which was called “black” because of the concealed way of carrying it. The knife cuts perfectly and has a very comfortable handle.
  • If you have no experience and skills in knife fighting at all, then choose our American tanto CHIBI.
  • Look at a stylish knife MR.WICK for gentlemen who prefer to wear a suit, but can’t bear to part with a knife.
  • Fans of push-daggers and boxing-style strikes will appreciate the compact EDC knife PIRANHA
  • The wharncliffe knife RAVEN is perfect for daily routine tasks. Excellent sharpening and comfortable completely straight edge allows you to perform thin and fairly accurate motions.
  • SKINNER is a tiny knife that can be worn on a neck.

Experience the reliability and versatility of our EDC knives, trusted by Ukrainian military personnel in combat situations. Our knives have proven themselves time and time again in the field, earning a reputation for durability and performance. From the trenches to the front lines, EDC knives by Blade Brothers Knives are built to handle anything the mission requires.

*Thanks to the Ukrainian military for providing the photos

Stay prepared with EDC knife by Blade Brothers! Having an EDC knife means you’re better prepared than 90% of folks out there. That sense of preparedness leads to confidence that, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll be ready. Because self-reliance is a skill worth cultivating.

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