Army Knife Infantry


The Army knife Infantry was designed as a working tool of a soldier. This blade has proven itself as an additional weapon on the frontline and demonstrated its usefulness in arrangement of military facilities. A large, durable army knife can effectively chop dry branches, clean up the area from small trees and branches, chop kindling, carve tent pegs and remove top soil to organize terrain or position of a shooter. The Infantry is a knife for practitioners and is popular in the ATO area.

The Army knife Infantry for tourists

Except military needs this knife is extremely functional for tourism. Challenges that a tourist encounters in the wood, in the mountains or by the river are similar to soldier`s while equipping his camp. To open canned food, cut bread, bacon, fish are daily routine for any hiker. The army (tourist) knife Infantry meets the best all these needs. And the blade will prove to be effective on hunting. The blade is designed for a strong chopping and cutting stroke which you will need to butcher large animals.

The Army (tourist) knife Infantry is a useful and functional tool you can definitely rely on. A sharp blade is designed for a heavy chopping stroke. The handle is flat, textured and not slippery. The material of the blade is high carbon steel.  Hardened to 55-58 HRC to ensute toughness.  Featuring such characteristics the blade can keep a sharp edge for a long time, whereas it can be resharpened without diamond wheels and special equipment. The metal is covered with polymer to protect from corrosion. The sheath is designed from durable plastic.

To buy a knife “Infantry” is an undoubted decision, because it is a trustworthy assistant of a soldier or tourist. We provide a simple ordering service, call now.

Note: The knife is provided with an official certificate issued by the Ministry of interior on non-edged weapon.

Technical features of the army (tourist) knife Infantry

blade length: 167 mm.;
steel thickness: 5 mm
handle length: 128 mm;
weight: 430 gr.;
high carbon steel;
hardness: 55-58 HRC;
modern polymer coverage protects against corrosion;
polyurethane handle scales;
plastic sheath with holes and a clip;
scales are fastened by riveting.