The “Warrior”


The “Warrior” is a lightweight all-purpose axe that is equally well suitable for military and tactical use and tourism. The Axe is based on Scandinavian arms design, which is proved by the stylized rune «Teiwaz».

The handle of the axe “Warrior” is equipped with a nail-drawer, which makes it convenient for domestic purposes. The butt features a blunt hook, which can be used as a gaff or lever. This axe can be useful for all tourists, as well as water transport owners, motorcyclists and motorists.

The Axe is coated with polymer that protects it from moisture. The handle is made of practical and convenient paracord. Cordura Sheath.

Characteristics of the Axe “Warrior”

Weight: 840 gr.

Blade: 90 mm.

Handle: 435 mm.