Machete knife


A machete is a traditional domestic knife from Latin America. It was used previously and even nowadays as a sickle for harvesting. But other than that, machete knives have proved their beneficial characteristics in dense and humid tropical jungle. A machete is distinguished by highly chopping properties, therefore suitable for hunters, hikers, survivalists and everyone who wades through the thicket. With a machete knife it is easy to clear the road or cut branches for a fire.

The blade of a machete from the Blade Brothers Knives features straight bevels from the butt, which makes it possible to cope equally well with wood and grass. The second half features a crescent, which also allows to get successfully through the thickets or to split a small log.

A machete from the Blade Brothers Knives is a great tourist and travel tool. With this tool you can chop wood, clear overgrown path for a car, butcher a carcass and a lot of other useful things. A machete is an interesting knife that is worth buying not only for hiking needs, but also for collecting. It looks interesting and attractive and can be a good gift for lovers of knives.

In addition to each knife we provide a certificate that states non-belonging to edged weapons. 

Characteristics of the Machete knife from the Blade Brothers Knives

The Machete has a polymer coating to protect it from moisture, riveted, Cordura sheath.

Weight: 520 gr.

Blade: 350 mm.

Handle: 125 mm.