Army Knife Sniper


The Army (tourist) knife Sniper is a right tool for a professional. This model was co-designed by a prominent sniper, Mikael Skillt, a former member of the regiment “Azov”. This knife can be extremely helpful for arrangement of a sniper position . Its wide blade can easy remove turf and, if necessary, can be used for digging. An efficient sharpening angle makes it possible to cut springwood and branches. The handle is equipped with a mini-hammer, which enables hammering a nail and other fastening equipment. A sharp tip of the blade is good for adjusting the sight.

The Army (tourist) knife Sniper can substitute a small toolkit while it weighs much less than an axe, a shovel or a hammer.

The knife “Sniper” for tourism

Due to its proven functionality and usability it has won over tourists, kayakers, survivalists and anyone who is fond of active recreation.  Moreover,  the tourist knife Sniper will be useful on hunting. Size and toughness of the blade feature more than enough capability for carving a wild boar or elk. This knife can take its rightfull place for a wide variety of daily camping needs.  To open canned meat, chop bacon, fish or shashlyk (cubes of meat for grilling), this blade is capable of everything.
A sharp blade is designed for a heavy chopping stroke. The handle is flat, textured, features anti-skid construction. The knife is made from high carbon steel, hardened up to 55-58 HRC to improve sturdiness. Such optimal characteristics ensure excellent edge retaining properties, however, it can be resharpened even in the field. The polymer coating protects against corrosion. Sheath provides a secure retention.
To buy the knife “Sniper” is a great idea, it will become a faithful companion of the tourist and can make life more enjoyable. Call us right now to place your order.

Note: The knife is provided with an official certificate of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine on non belonging to edged weapon.

Technical features of the army (tourist) knife Sniper

blade: 185 mm.;
steel thickness: 5 mm.;
handle length: 120 mm.;
weight: 470 gr.;
high-carbon steel;
hardness: 55-58 HRC;
polymer coating for protection against oxidation;
handle: polyurethane;
scales fastening:  riveting.