Army Knife Revenge


The Army knife “Revenge” is designed for reconnaissance and sabotage groups and is ideal for use in combat conditions. Due to its specific shape the cutting edge stabs and cuts any outfit and military uniform, it would work well with leather belts and winter outerwear.  The cutting edge ensures effective force application and a deep front cut while stabbing. Balance “to the edge” and triangular shaped edge are designed purposely for delivering power cuts. The serration on the top ensures delivery of heavy chopping strokes. Such weapon is indispensable for military units that usually have a direct contact with the enemy.

The knife “Revenge” for tourism

In addition to use in combat, “Revenge” is a versatile tool which is popular for hiking, hunting and fishing needs. It will show its perfect qualities if you need to open canned food, cut meat, fish or bacon or hack away tree branches.

This model features a flat, textured handle that offers anti-skid properties, a wide blade and a proper angle of sharpening, which ensures incredible sharpness for a long time. The reverse of the handle features grooves for fingers rest. The knife will be useful for hiking, camping trips, mountain tracking or kayaking. The plastic sheath retains securely the blade and the tool can be easily released from it. It is noiseless during walking or running.

To buy a knife “Revenge” is an excellent idea, it will surely become a reliable outdoor companion for a hiker or hunter.

The knife is provided with the certificate issued by the Interior Ministry of Ukraine as non-edged weapon.

Technical features of the army knife Revenge

blade length: 190 mm.;

thickness: 5 mm.,

handle length: 125 mm.;

weight: 380 gr.

high carbon steel;

material hardness: 55-58 HRC;

polymer coating against corrosion;

handle: polyurethane;

type of handle scales mounting:  riveting.