Army and tourist knives

An army knife is a tool for any occasion. It is good enough for bread slicing, opening a box with cartridges, equipment repair, removing turf to organize terrain, digging a fire pit or eliminating an opponent. It all requires a large knife with a long blade. A combat knife must be kept in arsenal of every soldier and officer.

Except military use army knives have proven themselves to be good for hiking, fishing and hunting. A hiker or kayakerer faces almost the same challenges as a soldier while equipping his camp. An army (tourist) knife produced in Ukraine would work well for carving tent pegs, meat cutting, cleaning fish, skinning kill on hunting and others.

In the forest, in the steppe, by the river, in the mountains and even in tundra a knife for tourism is a must to make your journey as comfortable as possible. And it is definitely a vital survival tool for wilderness enthusiasts. To buy an Army Knife made of high carbon steel 65G is the best solution for a tourist, hunter, traveler and survivalist.

Note: all models of knives are provided with non-edged weapon official certificate.

Features of Army (tourist) knives

A tourist knife must meet the following requirements:
• versatility;
• size sufficient for dealing with most of the challenges that people may encounter in nature;
• easy-to-use;
• durable steel;
• absolute reliability and failure-free performance;
• usable sheath and fastening;
• ability to reach weapon quickly;
• an Army knife must be effective in self-defense;
• a knife for tourism should conform to the legislation of the country.

Our knives are careful handwork designed with attention to the smallest detail, blades completely meet the stated requirements.

Why is it worth buying Army (tourist) knives from Blade Brothers Knives?

The Army blades from our shop are developed by experts of knife fight, champions and prize-winners of many competitions. These are hand-made combat knives designed by masters of their craft and have withstood many fights.
Army (combat) knives are designed specially for those who participate in the ATO and these pieces have proven to be effective in real army operations. Moreover, these blades proved themselves perfectly in daily routine. Experienced tourists and hunters report well on them due to their quality, functionality and reliability.

Military Army knives are made of high-carbon steel grade 65, hardened to 55 HRC. Such hardness is considered the best. On the one hand metal is good enough to retain edge, on the other the blade can be resharpened in the field. Steel grade 65, better known as “spring”, is characterized by high elastic properties and durability that are essential for a high-performance knife. To avoid corrosion we apply special polymer coating to the surface.
Polyurethane pads on a handle prevent from gliding. Sheaths made of durable plastic are fastened with cords or paracord.

Advantages of Ukrainian army (tourist) knives from BB Knives

The best Ukrainian combat knives have a number of advantages in comparison not only to pieces from South-East Asia, but also to brand European and American cutters.

The main ones are as follows:

1. material quality. It is a weak point of most Chinese fakes. The only reason they are bought for is a low price, but soon such army knives are getting fully oxidized, get rust stains and lose overall gloss. Later it becomes obvious that the blade is particularly vulnerable to a hard tree branch and features curves and chips. It proves that metal quality leaves much to be desired or hardening processes were done not properly.
Tourist hewers made by Western manufactures are better than Chinese in terms of quality, but they are more expensive. Now the market is flooded with numerous fakes imitating design of top models. For example, you come across a branded combat knife in an online store, made in the USA as stated, you order, buy and enjoy it. But while camping the knife being exposed to a tough branch features the same characteristics as its “Chinese prototype”: the edge of the blade is damaged and the cutter is going to nothing but everlasting storage…
If you want to see the way a good army knife made of steel 65G copes with wood, metal and household routine, you can watch a video:

2. A convenient handle and strong finger rest. The problem of many custom-made and designer battle knives is that they do not ensure a reliable grip. Featuring excellent forms their functionality is nevertheless far from perfect. Aesthetics will be aesthetics, but a weapon should feel comfortable in a hand and not slide. If a piece does not meet these requirements its destiny is to lay on a shelf, but not to become a reliable outdoor assistant. A handle should feature sufficient length and thickness, its covering should prevent slippage.

3. Proper sharpening. You can often notice that even the best combat knives are sold blunt or sharpened at a wrong angle. Having bought such a tool it immediately needs to be treated by a cutler and it is still doubtful whether he will be able to form cutting edge accurately and ensure required angle. As a result, the blade does not cut properly or goes blunt quickly, you have to look for another specialist, which will cause a waste of time at best or a total damage of the piece at worst. If you buy an army (combat) knife from BBknives, you will get an excellent tool completely ready to work.

Fixed Blades Knives for tourism feature several stand out advantages over folding ones:

• void of loose rivets and swivel joints;
• a blade is securely fixed;
• unable to jam;
• able to withstand serious loads;
• cannot unfold spontaneously in your pocket;
• a fixed knife can be used even in gloves.

If you are going on an active hiking, rafting or hunting, you should consider a “serious” kind of a knife, multifunctional and reliable, designed for heavy loads. Ukrainian army knives made of steel 65G suite the best for these purposes. These are solid piece metal full-tang combat knives with a full tang.
Order now handmade tourism knives made of steel 65G. These are top quality blades developed and created with competence, that will serve you for many years. To buy the best combat knife in our online store is easy, you need only to place an order on the site and we will send it to any city in the world.