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Blade Brothers Knives – Steel Knives for Steel People:
Forged in War
Hardened in Hellish Battles
Battle Proved

Blade Brothers Knives is a Ukrainian manufacturer of knives founded by a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the president of the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation, and the founder of the Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club, Oleksandr Vorobey.

At the early stages of the Blade Brothers Club creation, its fundamental idea, as well as the idea of knife production, was self-defense in urban environments. Therefore, knife fighting unique techniques, knife fighting training system, and knife design were focused on urban self-defense. However, the war started by Russia in Ukraine in 2014 changed everything. With the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Oleksandr Vorobey volunteered for the front, participated in combat operations, and was seriously injured in July 2014 during the battle for the liberation of the village of Pisky. After a long period of recovery and rehabilitation, he founded his own knife production, and the first task was to develop models of military knives, the design of which was already based on the combat experience gained. At the same time, training programs for personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, and Security Service of Ukraine were added to the knife fighting training system.

In the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Oleksandr Vorobey defended Kharkiv as part of the volunteer platoon ‘Knifefighters’, made up of Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club athletes and combat veterans. Most instructors of the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation also joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Blade Brothers Knives military combat knives were created by a combat veteran specifically for Ukrainian soldiers in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone (2014-2016), later for special forces in the Joint Forces Operation zone (2016-2022), and currently for those defending Ukraine in the combat zone during the full-scale Russian invasion. These blades have proven their effectiveness in real military operations throughout all seasons and under various conditions of continuous and relentless use.

Blade Brothers Knives military knives are specially designed knives intended for use in various military situations, including survival scenarios. They are durable, sturdy, and versatile, and have a number of features that make them well-suited for use in a variety of situations.

A combat knife is a versatile tool that can serve multiple purposes. A good survival knife can be used for preparing positions, removing sod, digging and hammering, smashing and breaking, opening cans, and preparing food, as well as cutting splints and bandages. It is an essential tool for any combatant.

In addition to military use, combat knives have proven to be useful in a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, hunting, bushcraft, and survival. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, or caught in a survival situation, a reliable survival knife is one of the most valuable items you can have. It could mean the difference between life and death, shelter and exposure, or hunger and sustenance.

A camping knife should be strong, versatile, and compact enough to carry easily. It should be able to cut rope, carve stakes, clear brush, and assist with food preparation. It should also be durable.

There is no perfect knife for every person and every situation, but here are the main factors to consider when choosing a knife:

• Versatility
• Size
• Ease of use
• Durable steel
• Reliability and failure-free operation
• Usable sheath and fastening
• Quick accessibility
• Effectiveness in self-defense for combat knives.

Our handmade knives are designed for military, camping or survival use, with every detail carefully considered in their construction. The blades fully meet the requirements for knives of this type.

Combat and Camping Knives and Machetes by Blade Brothers Knives

Our knives have been tested in both battle and camping environments in all four seasons. All models have been put through a variety of situations to ensure they are suitable for all types of camping and trench uses. Our focus is always on quality and versatility, but we also pay special attention to ergonomics and size.

We developed our models of military combat knives based on our real battle experience and the concept of Ukrainian knife fighting. Some knives were specifically designed at the request of tactical units within the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The versatile combat and survival knife by BB Knives features:

  • A fixed blade (non-folding)
  • An appropriate size that is not too big to be awkward but not too small to be useful
  • A full tang construction (a solid piece of metal from the blade through the handle)
  • A straight edge
  • A well-fitting sheath that can be attached in a variety of positions
  • A sharp, pointed tip, such as a drop point or spear point blade
  • High-quality steel construction

Blade Brothers Knives – What are the Benefits?

  1. Full Tang. A full tang stretches from the blade to the bottom of the handle. If you were to remove the handle, the knife would be the same length. One can find a regular full tang in all our knives. You can utilize them with little force in full strength, perfect for even the most extreme conditions and the roughest treatments. The longer the tang, the better support you get and the better balance it provides. In addition, the excess hidden steel helps prevent the blade or the entire knife from bending or snapping. And because heavy-duty BB Knives have a full tang, they’re long-lasting and durable.
  2. Fixed blade. We produce our knife as fixed blades because of their strength and durability, which make them reliable and dependable in the field. Because our knives have a blade that runs through the handle, without springs or folding mechanisms, they are able to be much stronger when necessary. The knife is also always out and ready to use, which makes them ideal for combat or survival situations. Fixed blade knives are ideal for duty, survival, and hunting because they are dependable and strong.
  3. Quality of blade material. We use high-quality steel specifically chosen for each knife model to ensure optimal performance and durability:
    – high-carbon steel 66Mn4 with black polymer coating for rust resistance and protection from the elements is used for machetes (MODERN KUKRI and GOLOK) and axes FLOKI and WARRIOR
    stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15) – a high-quality stainless steel produced in Germany – is used for combat knives
    Combat and Camping Knives and Machetes by BB Knives are sharp, hard, hold a razor sharp edge for a long time and are easy to re-sharpen even in the field.
  4. Textured handle. Handle material is important as well, as your grip on a knife directly affects how the knife performs. Blade Brothers knives feel comfortable in your hand and will be easy to use based on its shape. The ABS plastic handle is fastened on each side of the tang with metallic screws.
  5. Reliable sheath. Each our knife have well-fitting sheath that can be attached in a variety of positions. Our sheaths provide secure carry, protection for the blade and handle, and easy access, making them essential for use in any environment.

If you’re planning an active outdoor adventure such as hiking, rafting, or hunting, you’ll need a serious and reliable knife that’s designed for heavy work. Ukrainian combat military knives are ideal for these purposes, offering multifunctionality and durability.

Check out our handmade survival knives, which are made from top-quality materials that will last for many years. Buying the best combat knife from our online store is easy – simply place your order on our website and we’ll ship it to any city in the world.