A camping knife is one of a few tools importance of which during hunting, fishing or rafting can’t be overestimated. It is not about cooking, but more important tasks. You can cut bread almost with everything. A camping knife can perform a considerable number of operations ranging from food cutting to covering nutritional needs, that is hunting with only a knife.

A knife for fishing and hunting is a “pocket table and a lodging”. It is indispensable in a survival trip. It would work perfect for chopping branches to put up a hut, fixing clothes, protecting yourself from wild animals. A camping knife is a potential pitchfork you can catch fish with. Moreover, with a knife you can make a bow and this is already another level of hunting in the wilderness.
It is an all-purpose helper and a reliable tool for protecting yourself. It can find its rightful place in a modern office and give confidence in a dark lane or if you need to walk through a crime district.

How to choose the right knife for hunting, fishing, hiking and city carry.

No matter how multipurpose this or that knife model seems to be, only a few qualities are really important, which determine whether it will become a faithful companion or rest on a shelf. These include:

• steel quality
• convenient handle
• design or intended use of the knife
• an affordable price for a knife for hunting and fishing.

The most important feature of a camping knife is blade material and quality of steel. Blade should combine ability to keep it sharpened in field conditions and sufficient cutting edge hardness. At the same time a good knife should be sturdy and resistant to corrosion.
You don’t need to search such a knife far away. Knives Blade Brothers Knives are handmade from hardened high-carbon steel. It is strong enough and you can renew the edge even in the woods using an ordinary grindstone. This steel grade has become most popular for camping knives.

It’s easy to choose and buy with delivery a hunting knife featuring handles of various shapes. It is not difficult to select a piece tailored to your hand. For handle construction we use anti-skid polyurethane featuring notches of different modifications. Key requirements are secure grip and usability. It means that the handle should comfortably fit your hand like tailored even if you hold a knife in hunting gloves, mittens or your hands got wet due to moisture environment.
A carefully selected knife does not wiggle or change its position in hands, despite the external conditions or force acting on it. It relates to efficient performance of the knife and ultimately safety of its owner.

Selecting a knife you should consider shape, length of the blade and thickness of metal. In addition, consider sharpening, workmanship quality, weight and reliability.
The best knives for hunting and fishing are classic blades with an edge, which, if necessary, can be easily resharpened with you own facilities.

Other aspects to be considered while choosing a knife for fishing and hunting

Therefore, prior to buying a camping knife, it makes sense to answer a couple of simple questions just for yourself:

1. What purposes it will be used for?
2. Under what conditions it will be used?

These answers are essential. For example, if a camping knife will be used for laying a path through thickets when equipping the camp and in general for a wide range of different tasks, it is worth opting for large models such as Sniper and Infantry.
If you plan to use it as an additional weapon for hunting, opt for tactical knives. You can find a wide range of these knives on our website.
There is a separate category for city carry in which you can find EDC models to suite every taste.

If you value aesthetics above all, you can find in the Internet products inlaid with precious stones and wrapped with gold wire, camping knives from “exotic” steel grades. But how does it help skin a carcass? Such a knife can find its place in a museum rather than in camping trip.
For practical use you need a high quality simple and reliable knife designed for handing routine work at a campsite, a knife that can be purchased right now in our online store and won’t cost you a fortune.

It is important that despite reasonable price, the products of the Ukrainian brand Blade Brothers Knives are designed to last. Guarantee and service are provided.

Functionality or reliability?

Often in pursuit of functional or super characteristics of steel, knife lovers neglect crucial criteria – usability, reliability and convenience. Surely, you can buy a trendy folding knife, but will it meet your expectations when it comes to active use of this tool?
Experts prefer fixed knives for the following reasons:

1. No need to worry that a fixed knife will break on joints;
2. A fixed knife does not loosen, so it is crafted to last;
3. A knife with a fixed blade will never jam;
4. It can be used even in mittens;
5. A fixed knife feels more comfortably in the hands;
6. A fixed knife can not fold at the most inopportune moment;
7. A fixed knife can not unfold in your pocket.
8. Such knife provides a good fingers rest, it is suitable for efficient cutting of tree branches or skinning carcasses of animals.

Reliability and functionality of fixed knives that use one piece of metal construction with full tang is proven. Thus, if you are choosing a tool for outdoor activities, opt for fixed knives.

The best knife is one that can find a wide range of application during camping, fishing or at home. Do you want to buy such a knife? Call right now, do not delay. You can find a great variety in our store, we sell knives with delivery to all cities of Ukraine and the world.
Important note! You do not have to wait for a master to make a required model – all models are available in stock right now.