Oleksandr Vorobey is a veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the president of the Knife Fighting Federation, the founder of the Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club, the author of a unique technique of Ukrainian knife fighting, and the developer and owner of the Blade Brothers Knives brand. Oleksandr Vorobey is a person who never ceases to amaze with his achievements.

In 2007, Oleksandr Vorobey teamed up with two martial arts enthusiasts from Kharkiv, Ukraine to explore their skills in defending against knife attacks. Despite being experienced athletes with hand-to-hand combat knowledge, the initial sparring sessions showed that none of them could withstand an aggressive knife attack from their opponent. This sparked their desire to improve their skills and knowledge in the art of knife fighting, leading to the creation of the Blade Brothers club. The club was formed as a society of like-minded people, martial arts enthusiasts, and supporters of the art of knife fighting.

For a year, they put in daily efforts, attended seminars, engaged in friendly sparring matches, and researched all known techniques of knife fighting and martial arts. This formed the basis of the modern sport knife fighting technique that Oleksandr Vorobey systematized and used to develop a methodological basis for the Blade Brothers knife fighting club. Based on this foundation, he created a unique fighting technique known as Ukrainian knife fighting.

Oleksandr Vorobey documented his knowledge and experience in his book “Sport Knife Fighting,” which became a methodological base for anyone interested in knife fighting.

The unique technique required unique weapons. In his quest for the perfect weapon for self-defense, Oleksandr Vorobey realized that the knife models available on the market did not meet the requirements of Ukrainian knife fighting. To fully realize the potential of their knife fighting technique, he decided to develop his own knives that would be suitable for the powerful chopping blows characteristic of the Blade Brothers club. This led to the founding of the Blade Brothers Knives brand, which quickly gained popularity. Initially, knives were made to order by knifemakers, and the main line of knives included around five highly effective EDC models designed for self-defense in urban environments. Oleksandr’s passion for knives, combined with his impeccable knowledge of knife anatomy and knife fighting, allowed him to develop unique weapons that perfectly complemented the Blade Brothers’ technique.

Oleksandr worked tirelessly on the development of the Blade Brothers club, improving knife fighting techniques, developing training programs, and the club’s activities were gaining momentum.

But everything changed in 2013-2014.

Oleksandr was one of the active participants of the Revolution of Dignity. On the Maidan, people stood up for their right to a decent life, the opportunity to freely express their opinion and choose their leaders. People of different professions and ages gathered there, but they were united by a common goal – to establish justice and democracy in Ukraine. Oleksandr was outraged that the special police (riot police), loyal to the authoritarian regime, began to use force against the protesters.

“I went to the Maidan to use my skills in hand-to-hand combat to level the playing field for peaceful demonstrators in the confrontation with the dictatorship regime.”

The Maidan was a place where those who believed in the future of Ukraine gathered, defended their ideals and principles, fighting for the right to a decent future.

And then there was war.

In the summer of 2014, while on a combat mission in the village of Pisky (Donetsk Region, Ukraine) as part of the volunteer battalion “Shakhtarsk,” Oleksandr suffered serious injuries. He underwent long months of treatment and rehabilitation, and the chances of returning to sports were nearly impossible due to his legs injuries. Nevertheless, Oleksandr refused to give up and fought with all his willpower to make a comeback. After his recovery, he started his own knife production. His combat experience gained during the war inspired the creation of new lines of knives, including combat knives and tactical knives.

In 2017, Oleksandr Vorobey took on the position of head of the Knife Fighting Federation of Ukraine, which comprised the country’s largest knife fighting clubs. He remained dedicated to the advancement of knife fighting and expanding its following both domestically and internationally. To achieve this goal, he introduced instructor courses and included army knife fighting programs in the training curriculum. Oleksandr also developed a specialized training program for personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard of Ukraine, Security Service of Ukraine, as well as special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and territorial defense units.

Thanks to Oleksandr’s support, a social project called GARDA was created to help women resist domestic and street violence.

Since 2019, under the leadership of Oleksandr Vorobey, the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation has been promoting the concept of Ukrainian knife fighting abroad, attracting considerable attention from athletes and fighters all over the world. By May 2020, the first international instructor course was planned. Unfortunately, the event had to be canceled due to lockdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic. As for knives, the geography of sales for Blade Brothers Knives has expanded from Ukraine and Europe to the United States, India, and countries in Asia.

But war changed everything again.

With the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Oleksandr Vorobey defended Kharkiv as part of the volunteer platoon ‘Knifefighters’, made up of Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club athletes and combat veterans. Most instructors of the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation also joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

After returning from the frontline in the summer of 2022, Oleksandr Vorobey immediately resumed knife production, knowing that his brothers-in-arms on all front lines needed this type of weapon. Despite daily missile attacks in Kharkiv, the production of knives was successfully restored. Oleksandr also developed and produced additional models of tactical and combat knives that are necessary in modern warfare. The knives are made of stainless steel, with improved handle materials, and can withstand extreme conditions and heavy use. Since his return, Oleksandr has been in demand as a military instructor, teaching army knife fighting to help Ukrainian soldiers better prepare to solve complex tasks and defend their country. His unique teaching methodology allows for the mastery of the technique of Ukrainian knife fighting in a short time.

In February 2023, Oleksandr Vorobey rejoined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight alongside his fellow soldiers in the crucial battle for the freedom and independence of Ukraine against an absolute evil force.

Oleksandr Vorobey is a well-known figure in the world of Ukrainian knife fighting and knife production. His extensive experience, professionalism, and talent have earned him admiration and respect from his peers, martial arts enthusiasts, and knife enthusiasts alike. Oleksandr is committed to continuous improvement in his field, enabling him to hold leading positions and respond to the challenges of the times. Through his innovative approach and accomplishments, Oleksandr has gained recognition and respect in the knife fighting community. He has authored multiple books and video courses on Ukrainian knife fighting that are popular among martial arts enthusiasts and professional fighters globally.

The Blade Brothers Knives brand, founded by Oleksandr, represents more than just knives. It embodies the history of Ukrainian knife fighting, Ukrainian sports, Ukrainian history, and a symbol of high quality and professionalism. These knives are the top choice for military personnel, law enforcement units, and rescuers alike. Blade Brothers Knives axes help chop firewood to keep warm in the trenches, army knives help set up positions for Ukrainian warriors, and tactical knives help with household tasks and combat missions for Ukrainian defenders. Ukrainian commanders award their fighters with Blade Brothers Knives as a symbol of recognition for their bravery and dedication.

Oleksandr Vorobey leads the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation, which is more than just another public organization. It serves as a knowledge center for knife fighting, training dozens of instructors who have defended Ukraine during its most challenging times, even while on the front lines. The main objective of Ukrainian knife fighting is to develop agility, endurance, motor skills, reaction time, strength, and tactical thinking. Through knife fighting, one can learn to see events from different angles and respond quickly to any situation, whether or not they have a weapon in hand. Possessing the unique techniques of Ukrainian knife fighting allows one to use any object as a weapon for self-defense.

In a world where most knives are mass-produced using computer software or copied from standard designs to meet increasing demand, Oleksandr’s knives stand out for their purpose, functionality, and ergonomics. With a profound understanding of the history of edged weapons, knife construction, steel properties, and highly skilled in using knives as weapons, Oleksandr Vorobey creates knives that fulfill the requirements of knife fighting. Furthermore, all of his models are the product of a mastery of knife fighting that prioritizes form following function.