About Us

Knife fighting club Blade Brothers was founded in summer 2007 by three enthusiasts of martial arts based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Each had his own experience in martial arts and we wanted to try out our defence skills confronting knife attack.  The first sparring showed that none of us could confront the aggressive and motivated knife attack.

It was quite unexpected as the participants were already experienced close combat fighters. We assumed that we would be able to defend ourselves from attack, but it appeared to be not so easy. Then we began to learn knife fighting techniques and learn to resist effectively attacks of an enemy armed with edged weapon. So that was the beginning of the sport knife fighting club Blade Brothers.

First, we studied all available instructional materials from NKVD manuals of 1946 and Fairbairn’s videos to Filipino martial arts and modern schools located around the world. We attended seminars and invited experts of knife fighting and sports enthusiasts to friendly sparrings.

Every new style and technique was tested in practice and on models. It turned out that not all techniques from arsenal of existing schools were suitable for full contact sparring.

Finally, combining the best practices of existing schools and developed by us elements, we created a methodological basis of the Blade Brothers club.

From enthusiasm to athletic performance

The best criterion of truth is practice, talking about sport it sounds like: “competitions with unknown athletes are the best way to test your skills.” We began to participate in competitions and even at the first tournament, which was organized without restrictions of hand-to-hand techniques, Oleksandr Vorobey reached the final. Thus began victorious march of Blade Brothers throughout tournaments. For 16 years of club existence we took a few dozen of prizes at various competitions conducted according to different rules.

We believe that the athletes of our club should successfully withstand an enemy of any size under any conditions and rules. Consequently, we prefer to arrange sparring with practitioners of all kinds of martial arts – boxing, wrestling, karate, Thai boxing and all schools of knife fighting, proving the effectiveness of Blade Brothers’ training methods.

Test by combat

With the outbreak of Russian-Ukrainian war in 2014, emerged need for knife fighting training of army units and civilian population. Members of our club served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Interior and took part in active combat operations.

On the basis of sport fighting Blade Brothers instructors developed a unique technique of working with a knife. It is suitable for army use and civilian self-defense. Knowledge and skills we share through seminars and instructor courses for the  Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Interior and civilian population.

Blade Brothers Knives

In the course of training work and participation in competitions Blade Brothers have gained practical experience of using a knife in extreme conditions. Different conditions demand different blades. In that spirit the founder and chief instructor of the club Oleksandr Vorobey organized a knives manufacturing company Blade Brothers Knives.

Each knife by Blade Brothers Knives is intended for its specific manner of fencing and conditions of use. Urban knives EDC are good for daily carry in the city. Army knives are ideally suited for military combat use and camping. Tactical series has proved itself particularly effective in the city as well as in the woods. All types of blades have passed practical tests and proved to be excellent in everyday life, tourism and military activities.

Since 2019, the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation under the leadership of Oleksandr Vorobey has been promoting the concept of Ukrainian knife fighting abroad, attracting significant attention from athletes and fighters from all over the world.
In the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Oleksandr Vorobey defended Kharkiv as part of the volunteer platoon ‘Knifefighters’, made up of Blade Brothers Knife Fighting Club athletes and combat veterans. Most instructors of the Ukrainian Knife Fighting Federation also joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We know how to use weapon, so we have profound understanding of what a good knife should be.  All models of knives are handmade manufactured by our own facilities based in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

If you want to select a knife for you or suggest an idea – call the Blade Brothers Knives. We are open for cooperation and we will do our best.