Made in Ukraine


German steel

The knives are made of high-quality steel, and designed for intensive use

Hand-made Knives

All knives are designed by knife fighting experts and combat veterans

Steel-strong guarantee

Lifetime edge-chip warranty and complementary resharpening. Your knife will last a lifetime


Blade Brothers Knives is a Ukrainian knife brand that specializes in producing handmade knives for outdoor activities, hunting, fishing, everyday carry, and military combat. The brand was founded by members of the Blade Brothers sports knife fighting club, which is one of the strongest clubs in Ukraine. Our knives are designed by masters who have won multiple sports knife fighting competitions and who serve as instructors for special forces units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At Blade Brothers Knives, we are committed to creating the best knives for those who demand perfection. We have a deep understanding of blade anatomy, knowledge of the history of cold weapons, and vast practical experience, which allows us to develop knives that are reliable and indispensable for any task. Our knives are not just sharpened pieces of steel, but rather, they are carefully thought-out tools that fit perfectly in your hand, move with your hand, and cut with precision.

We strive to take our knives to a new level of functionality and efficiency, providing our brothers and sisters in arms with blades they can rely on anytime, anywhere. Military personnel, law enforcement officers, and martial arts masters use Blade Brothers Knives and recognize their quality, durability, and reliability under any conditions of use.

By choosing a Blade Brothers Knife, you are choosing a blade that surpasses all others. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that each knife is a true work of art and a valuable tool for any situation.

“I have been practicing the art of knife fighting since 2007. During this time, I have developed modern techniques based on the latest advances in sports science and modern warfare. These techniques have been tested in street fights as well as in actual warzones. Unlike 99% of knife manufacturers in the world, I learned how to fight with knives first and then started producing them. I create these knives with the goal of them being used for self-defense in both peaceful cities and warzones.

For nine years, I have held my knives in my hands, experiencing all types of conflicts – from street fights to battles on the battlefield, from sports competitions to tactical conflicts during special operations. My knives have also been used by those I personally trained, as well as those trained by other close combat instructors. These knives have been put through everything imaginable and prove their effectiveness every day. And currently, with one of my knives in hand, like thousands of brave defenders of Ukraine, I am going through the trials of the hell of war.”

Oleksandr Vorobey, Owner of Blade Brothers Knives.

BB Knives are trusted by military personnel, law enforcement officers, emergency services, as well as outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers who prioritize the quality, reliability, and durability of their equipment.

Crafted with top-quality materials, our knives can withstand the toughest conditions and are always ready for whatever you encounter, no matter where you are.

We are committed to delivering superior performance and safety, so you can rely on our products with confidence. Whether you’re out in the wild or navigating urban environments, our knives are the perfect everyday tools to help you get the job done.

Blade Brothers Knives offers high-quality, Ukrainian-made knives with distinctive features that set them apart:

  1. All knife models have a fixed blade and are full-tang, made from German stainless steel 1.4116 (X50CrMoV15) for most models, high carbon steel 66Mn4 for axes and machetes, and Austrian steel N690 for the Premium line.
  2. Each knife undergoes a precisely controlled heat treatment and cryogenic processing, resulting in high hardness ratings of 55 HRC for high-carbon steel, 57 HRC for stainless steel, and 60 HRC for Premium models.
  3. The blades are sharp with an ideal cutting edge. Please handle with care when removing from the sheath.
  4. High-carbon steel blades are coated with an anti-corrosion layer, stainless steel blades have a non-glare polymer coating, and the Premium models feature a stonewash finish.
  5. Knife handles are ergonomically designed for each model’s functional purpose, providing maximum comfort and control. Unique handle shapes on some models prevent slipping towards the blade during powerful strikes, and textured plastic overlays ensure a secure grip, even in wet conditions or with gloves.
  6. The knives come with reliable sheaths that can be attached to MOLLE and TEK LOK systems.
  7. All Blade Brothers Knives models have been battle-proved.
  8. Each knife is unique, with its own character and designed for a specific fighting style.

Shop the official online store of Blade Brothers Knives to find a wide range of high-quality Ukrainian-made knives with unmatched functionality.

On our Catalog page, you can find the perfect knife for any task:

  • Military, combat and surviving knives are specially designed to assist soldiers in the field. These knives also make great survival and camping tools. We also offer a selection of trekking axes and machetes.
  • Tactical knives, or tactical combat knives, are specifically designed for performing tactical tasks. In this section, you can buy a special forces combat knife or a tactical combat knife. In civilian life, these knives are great for hunting and outdoor activities.
  • EDC knives. In this section, you can find knives designed for everyday carry, which are perfect for household tasks and self-defense. These knives are commonly referred to as EDC knives.
  • Kitchen knives. Our Gentle Cut series of knives is perfect for any kitchen task.
  • Training equipment for knife fighting – a section in which we offer models of knives specifically designed for training and practicing knife fighting techniques.

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