Our advantages

Made in Ukraine

Tested in real combats

High-quality alloy steel

The knives are made of Ukrainian high-carbon and Austrian stainless steel, and are designed for active using

Hand-made knife

Knives designed by masters of knife fighting

Knives lifetime warranty

Lifetime edge-chip warranty and complementary resharpening. Your knife will last a lifetime


Blade Brothers Knives are Ukrainian brand knives specially designed for combat and conflict situations that arise during military operations or for situations of armed violence in everyday life. The brand was founded by the sportsmen of the club for sportive knife fighting Blade Brothers, one of the strongest clubs in Ukraine. Athletes of the club are multiple prizewinners and winners of the competitions for sportive knife fighting, instructors of Special Forces within the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Interior Ministry and participants of the Russian-Ukrainian war. We were inspired by our own combat experience of street fighting while creating knives that prove to be excellent in street fighting and would be a survival tool for self-defense and military actions. We fight with knives, so we do know what a combat knife should be!