EDC Knive Reaper Premium


Clinching knife for short distance and clinch fighting.

The knife is designed by the founder of the knife fight club “Fratria Fortis” Konstantin Ulyanov for fighting in a clinch. Flatting out belly in addition to the specific shape of the blade allows producing huge cuts without a swing.

Trailing point blade provides an easy shot with the effect of the guillotine that cuts everything on its way. The pommel is designed to attack.

Blade length is 11 cm, thickness is 5 mm, handle length is 9 cm.

High carbon 65g steel, hardened to 55-58 HRC, corrosion-resistant polymer coating. Handle plates – polyurethane, texture toxic. Keen edges sheath is made of ABC plastic, suspended to the belt with a plastic clip. The knife can be instantly released from the sheath.

The knife is authenticated by the Interior Ministry of Ukraine as non-edged weapon.