EDC Knive Orkney Claw


The main features of this knife were borrowed from the ritual dagger found in the tomb Maeshowe on Mainland Orkney Islands. The knife was created to conform to the Philippine fighting style that focuses on fast chop cuts. The specific balance of knife allows operating it at high speed through rapid wrist movements. Overall feeling in a hand is as if it is not a knife but a feather. According to its cutting characteristics this knife is mostly identical to an open razor.

The length of the blade on the straight is 10 cm, thickness is 5 mm, handle length is 9 cm.

High carbon 65g steel, hardened to 55-58 HRC, corrosion-resistant polymer coating. Handle plates – polyurethane, texture toxic. Sheath of the so-called pattern “Burdock” is made of ABC plastic, suspended to the belt with a plastic clip. The knife can be instantly released from the sheath, does not drop during movements.

The knife is authenticated by the Interior Ministry of Ukraine as non-edged weapon.