Army Knives Sniper


The knife was co-designed by a prominent Swedish sniper, a soldier of the regiment “Azov” Mikael Skillt. The knife is extremely helpful for arrangement of a sniper position – it can easily cut branches and trees, remove turf, and if necessary, can be used for digging. A curved tip helps to set range to the zero position while a mini hammer on a handle makes it easy to hammer nails and other equipment. Due to its multi functionality the knife can substitute a lot of equipment if you bring it with you for combat missions.

High carbon 65g steel, hardness 55-58 HRC, corrosion-resistant polymer coating, grooved rubber handle, plastic sheath, fixed with a plastic clip and paracord.

Blade length is 17cm, thickness is 5 mm, handle is 13cm, weight is 450 gram.

The knife is authenticated by the Interior Ministry of Ukraine as non-edged weapon.