Army Knife Revenge


Designed for reconnaissance and sabotage groups to carry off a sentry and stealth kill. Due to its specific shape the cutting edge breaks and cuts any outfit and belts, while stabbing the front cutting edge provides a front cut like a guillotine slits visceral organs on its way. The wound features at least 6 cm in width. The serration produces heavy chop wounds; incurved cutting edge is designed for power cuts. The knife is firmly secured by the sheath and can be easily and noiseless released from it.

High carbon steel 65g, hardness 55-58 HRC, corrosion-resistant polymer coating, grooved rubber handle, plastic sheath, fixed with a plastic clip and paracord.

Blade length is17cm, thickness is 5 mm, handle is 14 cm, weight is 380 gram.

The knife is authenticated by the Interior Ministry of Ukraine as non-edged weapon.