About Us

Sportive knife fighting club Blade Brothers was founded in summer 2007 in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Founders of the club worked out its own training methodology of knife fighting, based on the principles of efficiency and easy implementation of fight techniques constantly testing it during competitions and friendly duels comprising all kinds of full contact styles of martial arts. As a result, the club took leading position among Ukrainian knife fight schools on a number of prizes and became famous as one of the strongest contemporary clubs in Ukraine.

With the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war members and instructors of the club joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions of the Interior Ministry for participation in military actions. Having returned from the war members and instructors of the club conducted seminars and trained members of Special Forces and reservists to the Armed Forces and the Interior Ministry.

The founders of the club have been fond of knives designing since the beginning of its activity gradually understanding key properties a knife should possess to meet the needs of street armed confrontation. An outcome of analysis of a street fight experience became a series of EDC knives that falls into several patterns Ira Domini, Reaper, Orkney Claw, Jarl.

Participation in military actions in the Eastern Ukraine gave new experience and favored profound understanding of what an army knife should be and it was implemented in patterns Revenge, Sniper, Infantry.

The tactical series has been designed to cover the needs of public order units and reservists. Being quite compact in size for wear in urban environment these knives at the same time prove to be effective for military use.

All our knives are manufactured by our own facilities involving production capacities located in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

You can contact us with comments or suggestions and we will do our best to meet your demand for good knives.